protein in nuts & dry Fruits chart

Protein in Nuts Chart

Protein in nuts is a vital nutrient-rich that performs to shape, sustain, control, and mind-body matters. There are various foods that include protein like eggs, milk, meat, and nuts.

Protein in Vegetables Chart

The cells have proteins in them because it is essential for people to eat protein-rich foods because protein aids cell repair, cell production, and growth in individuals of every age.

High Calories Food Chart

High Calories Food Chart

A high-calorie diet can help you healthily gain weight and saves you from a bunch of diseases. You can acquire high calories through certain Vegetables, meat, nuts, and fruits. 

fruit calories chart

Fruits Calories Chart

Usually, fruits are low in calories and high in nutritional value. Let’s look into a fruit calories chart to understand better about fruits and their benefits.


Vegetables Calories Chart

Vegetables can provide a substitute for many meat products. Let’s look into the vegetable calorie chart to find out the benefits and nutritional value of the Vegetables.