Nail Health Chart

Nail Health Chart

Your nails can be seen from a distance. The color of your nails might reveal a lot more about you than you’d think just by taking a peek. Other people can tell if you have nail problems.

Lips Shape Chart

Lips Shape Chart

A lip shape chart is a diagram that is used to quickly and easily determine your lip shape. One can find lip shapes, sync graphs, and lip-type charts on the internet.

belt size chart for men and women in cm & inches

Belt Size Chart

There are good size guides and ways for women and men to find themselves the right belt. Not to forget, people make blunders by considering pants’ waist size as their belt size; these are two different things. 

snowboard size chart with width height in inches and cm

Snowboard Size Chart

The length of your board should be approximately two-thirds of your height. Use this chart as a rough guide when choosing your next snowboard.

Sugar in fruits chart

Sugar in Fruits Chart

The fruit has natural Sugar which comes with nutrients and fibers. Who balance blood sugar levels. If you eat them In a balanced way. On the other side, refined Sugar has no vitamins and fibers. So it directly affects our sugar levels.

Gucci ring size chart

Gucci Ring Size Chart

But one question comes to mind What about other countries like the US, UK, JP, etc. what do they do?? the answer is simple you can convert Italian size into US and Us to the UK. So how we convert all these sizes simple Gucci have a conversion table on their Official site  Gucci size conversion.