iron in meat chart

Iron in Meat Chart

Iron usage in the body is crucial for children’s physical and cognitive development; it also affects the performance and stamina of adults. Hence a diet rich in iron foods along with supplements is the best way to cover the daily iron requirement.

food combining chart Good & Bad combinations

Food Combining Chart

Certain evidence-based food combinations can significantly benefit the body. Consult the food combination chart below to find out how to pair different food groups to get the most benefits from your meals.

Seafood Protein Chart

Seafood Protein Chart

There are kinds of seafood with high as well as low proteins. To better understand the protein amounts in different types of seafood, follow the seafood protein chart below.

High Protein Indian Food Chart

High Protein Indian Food Chart

Indian food provides a vast range of tastes to tantalize your taste buds, and to enjoy the local delicacies. It offers the best authentic food and variety of foods to both vegetarians and non vegetarians.

Egg Yolk Color Chart

Food color is an essential sensory factor that triggers our appetite and helps us perceive the food as delicious and