Adidas size chart

Adidas is a brand that manufactures athletic shoes, apparel and sporting goods. The brand was introduced by the Dassler family shortly after World War I. The sporting gear by Adidas has a massive fan following leading to its success.

For a sportsman it’s crucial to have proper sporting gear to perform their best on the field. Since, it’s a premium brand so you should probably want to make sure to order the right size to prevent wasting your money.

We will be covering Adidas size charts for the different sporting gear to help you grab the right fit costume for your sports.

yeezy slides size chart

Adidas Tops size

With a huge variety of tops including fleece, jackets, tracksuits, t-shirts, jersey, matching sets, hoodies and sweatshirts you are bound to find something you love in their collection.

For the women’s range Adidas has an exclusive maternity range because it’s important to feel comfortable and look good even when you are pregnant. 

They come up with new designs every few months so there is a lot to choose from. 

If you are a fan of skirts or short dresses then do check out Adidas separate range for skirts and dresses. 

Adidas also has several designs available for women in plus sizes so if you are looking to lose weight buying these may just be the motivation you need.

If you like an article from their new arrivals you can order it right away from the website but make sure to check out our shirt and top size chart to know your true size.

Men Shirts And Tops sizes

SizesChest sizeUSUK
XS32 1/2 – 34″XSXS
S34 1/2 – 36″SS
M36 1/2 – 39″MM
L39 1/2 – 42 1/2″LL
XL43 – 46 1/2″XLXL
2XL47 – 51″XXLXXL
3XL51 1/2 – 56″XXXLXXXL

Women Shirts And Tops sizes

SizeChest sizeUSUK
2XS(00)28.5 – 29.5”2XS(00)2XS(00-02)
XS(0-2)30 – 32”XS (0-2)XS (4-6)
S(4-6)32.5 – 34.5”S (4-6)S (8-10)
M(8-10)35 – 37”M (8-10)M (12-14)
L(12-14)37.5 – 40”L(12-14)L (16-18)
XL(16-18)40.5 – 43”XL(16-18)XL (20-22)
XXL(20-22)43.5 – 46.5”2XL(20-22)2XL (24-26)

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Adidas Bottom sizes

A major factor of Adidas success is its huge variety that has coloured, plain, striped and pattern designs in most of its articles. 

Their designs cater to men, women and kids of all age groups and sizes. Their bright and colourful kids range has shoes and clothing for newborn to toddlers of three years of age as well. Adidas bottoms are also very comfortable and stylish. 

There are so many designs available on the website of shorts and pants for both men and women. While you are online shopping from your favourite brand don’t forget to check out our size charts for Adidas men size and women sizes for shorts and pants.

Adidas Shorts And Pant sizes For Men

Product labelWaistUSUK
26″ / XS28″ – 29″26″26″
28″ / XS-S29 1/2″ – 30 1/2″28″28″
30″ / S31″ – 31 1/2″30″30″
32″ / S-M32″ – 33″32″32″
34″ / M33 1/2″ – 34 1/2″34″34″
36″ / M-L35″ – 36″36″36″
38″ / L36 1/2″ – 38″38″38″
40″ / L-XL38 1/2″ – 40″40″40″
42″ / XL40 1/2″ – 42″42″42″
44″ / XL-2XL42 1/2″ – 44 1/2″44″44″
46″ / 2XL45″ – 47″46″46″
48″ / 2XL-3XL47 1/2″ – 49 1 / 2″48″48″
50″ / 3XL48″ – 52″50″50″

Adidas Women Shorts and Pant Sizes

Product labelWaistUSUK
2XS (00)22 – 23.5”2XS (00)2XS (0-2)
XS (0-2)24 – 26”XS (0-2)XS (4-6)
S (4-6)26.5 – 28.5”S (4-6)S (8-10)
M (8-10)29 – 31”M (8-10)M (12-14)
L (12-14)31.5 – 33.5”L (12-14)L (16-18)
XL (16-18)34 – 37”XL (16-18)XL (20-22)
2XL (20)37.5 – 41”2XL (20)2XL (24-26)

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Adidas Bra Size Chart

Sports women prefer to wear a perfect fit and comfortable sports bra that would support their movements. Shopping online for bras can be a little difficult but Adidas size guide below can help you shop your perfect fit.

First, you need to take your measurements accurately starting from measuring your bust. Keep the measuring tape at the widest part of your bust and take note, this will be your bust size.

For the underbust measurement keep the tape just below your bust and exhale to get the exact measurements. 


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Adidas Men and Women Shoes Size Chart

Adidas shoes come in various designs including sneakers, comfy slides and high performing running shoes for men and women.

Adidas even has shoes specially designed for specific sports such as soccer, baseball, golf and more. Such shoes accelerate your performance and offer excellent grip and support.

Adidas also has a range of shoes carefully designed for outdoors and hiking. Moreover, there is also an exclusive range of shoes for gym and workout.

Moreover, if you are low on budget you can always look into Adidas Shoes $100 and under range. Buying shoes that are exclusively designed for the cause can help you make a difference but don’t forget to choose the right size.

Heel-toe measurementUS – Men’sUS – Women’sUK

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Yeezy Size Guide

Yeezy is Adidas fashion shoes collaboration with the American rapper , entrepreneur and designer Kanye West, which was released in February 2015. The range offered jackets, shirts, track pants, socks, lingerie, slides and limited edition colorways sneakers.

Most of the products in the range became people’s favorite but yeezy slides gained the most popularity.

The yeezy slides are manufactured using different materials, minimalist design and beautiful colors that has made it a staple of comfort and style.

New editions have new colors and innovative silhouettes to excite the customers. Some slides are made up of fleece so they might have a different fit then regular slides.

Sizes may vary according to the footwear you are choosing as some articles may not be true to size. For example you may have a different yeezy 350 size and a smaller size in slides hence its best to try the fit before buying it.  However, if you want to shop online you can look into our Yeezy slide size chart to find your size.

Heel – toe measurementUKUS – Men’sUS – Women’s

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Sports should be enjoyed and promoted as it has numerous benefits for your health. Adidas has taken an initiative to change lives through its extensive product range. Impossible is nothing is the belief that the brand promotes through its products. 

If you are a big fan like me then don’t forget to check out Adidas size charts above before investing in a product.