Bangle Size Chart

In some cultures, it’s a part of their custom to wear bangles as a sign of wealth, luck, and success. On the contrary, in the modern world, women style themselves using bangles to look stylish and elegant. 💃

With the evolution of fashion, a wide variety of bangles are available in the market, including metal bangles, thread bangles, lock bangles, and more. No matter how expensive your bangle is, if it doesn’t fit, it will not look good in your hand. 

A bangle with a snug fit will enhance your look, while a loose fit will look odd. Imagine your bangle sliding up to your elbow; you can picture the weird look. To avoid a similar situation, consult our bangle size charts below. 

Stick around as we offer insight on the bangle size guide and everything else you need to know to get the right size bangle.

International Bangle Size

Jennifer Lopez says, “My style influences have to do with where I grew up, and I still like to wear bangles and big hoops! When people see their favorite celebrities wearing an accessory continuously than they automatically try to imitate and follow them

I am sure by now you are convinced to get your hands on a bangle that’s stylish and fits you perfectly. So, before getting on the shopping detour in search of a bangle, measure your bangle size. 🛍️

Finding your bangle size will save you from the hassle of exchange and returns. Moreover, knowing your bangle size would allow you to order from different brands offering shipping options to your country. Which means you can have access to unlimited designs to look gorgeous.

Kids Bangle Size Chart

Kids bangle size chart

Bangles are children’s favorite accessories because they are colorful and have cute patterns or characters that the girls adore. Most girls and ladies also get bracelets for birthstones to bring them good luck, wealth, and success. 💰

Various brands offer name bangles that look super cute and make you the star of any gathering. Brands have a wide variety for children, especially girls ranging from gold to metal bangles. 

Parents can measure their kids’ bangle size through the above mentioned method and order the bangle they like. The following chart can also be considered the gold bangle size chart for kids. Also, if you are searching for a bangle size chart for tiny waists, then a kids’ bangle size chart is the answer to your problem.

Your Wrist sizeBangle sizeBangle DiameterCircumference
Small2.45.70 cm7.06 ″
Medium2.66 cm7.46 ″
Large2.86.5 cm7.85 ″
X Large2.106.6 cm8.24 ″

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Ladies Bangle Size Chart

ladies bangle size chart

Bangles are an accessory that is more common in women than men. Catering to the customers’ wishes, most styling brands introduce a wide range of bracelets and bangles made of different materials. Some brands, such as Tiffany’s, offer customers gold and diamond cut bangles.

The brand Alex and Ani have some amazing bangle collections in store for their customers. Their collection offers storytelling pieces and charm bangles.

If you plan to buy a bangle to pamper yourself or surprise your friends, remember to refer to the international bangle size chart for women. You can also find gold bangle sizes through the chart given below.

Your Wrist sizeBangle SizeInternational sizeDiameterCircumference
5 inches2XXXS5 cm15.7 ″
5.5 inches2.2XXS5.5 cm17.3 ″
6 inches2.4XS6 cm18.9 ″
6.5 inches2.6S6.5 cm20.5 ″
7 inches2.8M7 cm22.0 ″
7.5 inches2.1L7.5 cm23.6 ″
8 inches2.12XL8 cm25.2 ″
8.5 inches2.14XXL8.5 cm26.8 ″
9 inches2.16XXXL9 cm28.3 ″

Men’s Bangle Size Chart

Men bangle size chart

Many men style icons wear bracelets which have started a trend of wearing bangles in men also. Men now realize that a bangle creates a fun element to your style. Hence, they choose to wear it. Also, bangles are cheaper than high-end watches, so everyone can use them to spruce their look. 🕺

If you are low on budget and want to add character to your wardrobe, bangles are a good choice. Follow the procedure above to find the bangle size for adult men. You can consult the table below if you want a bangle size for small waist.

your Wrist sizeBangle SizeInternational sizeDiameterCircumference
6 inches2XXS5.5 cm17.3 ″
6.5 inches2.2XS6 cm18.9 ″
7 inches2.4S6.5 cm20.5 ″
7.5 inches2.6M7 cm22.0 ″
8 inches2.8L7.5 cm23.6 ″
8.5 inches2.1XL8 cm25.2 ″
9 inches2.12XXL8.5 cm26.8 ″
9.5 inches2.14XXXL9 cm28.3 ″

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Oval Bangle Size Chart

Oval bangle size chart

Oval bangles are different from round bangles because of their shape. The oval shape makes fit nicely on the wrist. This is why some people prefer oval bangles over round ones. The short side of the bangle stocks in the wrist so that it stays intact with your wrist.

Most people feel that round bangles tend to bang on the laptop or table, which can be irritating. Most brands offer oval-design bangles in men, women, and kids’ ranges. Look at the table below to find your perfect size in oval bangles.

Your Wrist SizeBangle SizeDiameter cmCircumference inches
14 cm2-2.24.4 – 4.86.85 – 7.5
15 cm2.2-2.44.8 – 5.27.5 – 8.15
16 cm2.4-2.65.2 – 5.68.15 – 8.75
17 cm2.6-2.85.6 – 68.75 – 9.4
18 cm2.8-36 – 6.49.4 – 10
19 cm3-3.26.4 – 6.810 – 10.6
20 cm3.2-3.46.8 – 7.210.6 – 11.25

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How to Measure Bangle Size Correctly

It would help to have a measuring tape and a scale to determine your bangle size. Bring your finger close together in a position required to slide a bangle. Measure the width of the hand where it’s the widest. Now measure the length it measures using a scale. 

There is also a second method that you can use to find bangle bracelet sizes. Cut out a thin paper or thread strip and bring your thumb and fingers together. Wrap the thread or paper where the hand is most wide and mark the spot on the thread or paper. Measure the paper strip or thread using a scale to find your bangle size. 

You can look into our bangle measurement chart to find your size when you know your size. Our guide will also reveal the bangle size chart in cm if the website asks you to enter your size in cm.

Final Words

Working on small details, such as accessories, can make a massive difference in upscaling your look. Dress and makeup are the basics, but working on accessories like a suitable bangle is also critical. However, different designs may have a different fit, so it’s best to refer to the bangle size chart above for a comfortable and easy fit.

A friendly piece of advice: check your size before buying any accessories. The rule doesn’t only apply to bangles. For example, if you can’t resist some cool rings, consult a ring chart, know your size, and order. Whether you buy rings, anklets, or watches, measuring your size beforehand is best.