Belt Size Chart

Buying the right belt takes work, and people often need clarification on their waist size. Having this misconception will make you buy the wrong size belt and waste your precious money.

Belt size and waist size are two different things; however, waist size is essential in finding the correct belt size. There are belt-size guides for women and men to help them find the perfect belt.

If you love to shop online, you must learn how to size a belt to save yourself from the trouble of exchanges and returns. If you want to know the art of sizing straps, we have got you covered, read on to find belt measurement guides, belt size charts, and much more.

belt size chart and conversion guide for men and women in cm & inches

Men’s Belt Size Guide

When you are planning to buy a belt, take measurements as accurately as possible. Ask a friend to take your measures for more precision.

Men should measure the belt size with the pants size, not the waist. For example, if your pants size is 34, you should wear the belt size 36. Why add 2 inches? It’s to provide you with extra room for your size if it increases later.

To find out the belt size from cm to inches, consult the belt size guide below.

Men’s Belt Size Conversion chart

Pant Size2830323436384042
Belt Size In inches3032343638404244
Belt Size in cm7782879297102107112

Women’s Belt Size Guide

The process for measuring women’s belt size is similar to men’s. The only difference is the pant’s style which makes the difference.

There are high waist belts, hip belts, and belts for jeans; they will have different sizes according to where you choose to wear them.

To measure the belt size that is to be worn at a standard height close to the waistline, you should wrap the measuring tape through the belt loops for a snug fit.

Then record the size close to the nearest even number in inches. If you have a 34” waist, a 36 belt size would be the perfect fit to offer comfort.

To measure women’s belt size in inches for a belt with high or low jeans and trousers, consider adding three to four inches to your pant size. Use the table below to determine women’s belt size in cm and inches.

Women’s Belt Size Conversion Chart

Belt Size In inches30”32”34”36”38”
Belt Size in cm77 cm82 cm87 cm92 cm97 cm

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How To Measure Belts

Belt measurements are taken from the part where the strap and buckle meet together till the middle hole. It usually measures 15cm from the middle hole to the end of the belt, which we need to include in our measurement.

Let’s jump into the details of the belt size one may need according to the different waist sizes.

Belt size for 28 – 29 waist

Finding the correct measurement is a tricky business. Take a pair of pants and measure it with your waist to find the right size. Add an extra 2 inches to it, which is the belt size you are looking for.

  • For waist sizes between 28 – 29, 
  • The ideal belt size will be 30 – 31” (76 – 78 cm).

Belt size for 30 – 31 waist

Finding belt length for 30 waists is the same as finding the belt size for men and women.

  • For a waist size between 30-31,
  • The ideal belt size will be 32 – 33” (81 – 83 cm). 

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Belt size for 32 – 33 waist

It’s easy to find a belt size if you have a waist size in even numbers; odd numbers such as 33 may create confusion.

  • For a waist size of 32″,
  • The ideal belt size will be 34″ (86cm)
  • For a waist size of 33
  • The ideal belt size will be between 35 and 36″ (88 – 91 cm).

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Belt size for 34 – 35 waist

You will always be clear in measuring belt size as long as you follow the thumb rule of adding extra 2 inches to the exact size.

  • For a waist size between 34 – 35
  • The ideal belt size will be between 36-37” (91cm-93cm)

Belt size for 36 – 37 waist

The most widely used trick is to choose a 1-2” larger than the pant size. Or, as they say, one size up.

  • For a waist size between 36 
  • The ideal belt size will be 38” (96cm).

Belt size for 38 – 39 waist

You can easily measure through a measuring tape. If not, take help from a tailor to guide you with the measurements.

  • For a waist size of 38 
  • The ideal belt size will be 40” (101cm).
  • For a waist size of 39 
  • The perfect belt size will be 41- 4” (104-106 cm).

Belt size for 40 – 41 waist

Waist sizes 40 and above fall in large sizes. The method to find the belt size will be the same as with other waist sizes.

  • For a waist size of 40 
  • The ideal belt size will be 42” (106cm)
  • For a waist size of 41 
  • The perfect belt size will be 42-43” (106-109cm)

Belt size for 42 – 43 waist

A convenient way to determine the belt size for waist size between 42-43” is to add an extra 2” to off the rack your pants size. Such as, if you have a 42” waist, a 44” (111cm) belt for you will be a perfect bet. The same goes for the size 43” waist.

Belt size for 44 – 45 waist

The belt you wear usually covers your pants, tucked-in shirt, and underwear. In addition, considering your waist/pant size to be the size of your belt needs to be corrected.

  • For a waist size of 44
  • The ideal belt size will be 46” (116cm)
  • For a waist size of 45 
  • The ideal belt size will be 47/48” (119/121 cm).

Belt size for 46 – 47 waist

Since the size 46” is your actual waist size. You need to have a belt size two inches larger than the size of your waist. Likewise, you can follow the same method for a size 47” waist.

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Belt size for 48 – 49 waist

For a waist of 48-49”, make sure you follow all the general rules of taking the measurement.

  • For a waist size of 48 
  • The ideal belt size will be 50” (126 cm)
  • For a waist size of 49 
  • The perfect belt size will be 51” (131 cm)

Belt size for 50+ waist

The size 50” waist falls in the category of people with morbid obesity, which makes it difficult for them to take the measurement.

Ask a friend or your tailor to slide the measuring tape around your waist, adding an extra two inches, and there you go with a belt size of 52” (129 cm).

For more details on what belt size would suit you, look at the belt size charts above.


How do I determine my belt size?

Place the belt on a flat surface, start measuring from the hole you are currently using, and count till the end of the belt where the buckle is present. Whatever the measurement comes around, the nearest inches to get an idea of your size. 

Is a size 34 belt a medium?

The 34-size belt comes in the medium category and spans 32 to 42 inches. Large sizes measure between 46 and 50 inches, while small sizes vary between 26 and 30 inches.


Our dress plays a crucial role in creating an excellent first impression. According to Sydney J. Harris, almost every man looks more so in a belted trench coat, so a belt is the best accessory you should invest in. 

A good-fit belt will add to your style and help you create a statement; otherwise, a loose belt may ruin it. Hence, choosing the correct belt size for your waist is crucial. Our belt size charts will help you determine the ideal for different waist sizes.