Bike Size Chart

A bike is the first thing kids want to ride during childhood. Kids and adults can also ride bikes as it is a good source of keeping a person fit. Riding bikes has many advantages, and cycling must have some disadvantages. Well, what the records show, you can assume that it has no disadvantages. 

Now Cycling means you can only ride a bike or buy any kind of bike for your kid if you know the facts that matter before buying it.

Several factors, such as bike size, height, quality, tires, and others, matter. But an essential one is the bike sizing. Now bike sizing can be a pain because there’s no universal system for measuring bikes that are of many types. 

It depends on whether you need an adult or kid bike, a road bike, or a mountain bike. The easiest way to find the bike that fulfills your needs and the size is also perfect you need to follow the bike size chart.

bike size chart by inseam & height in inches & cm for men, women's and kids
AgeRider HeightBike size in inchesBike size in cm
3 years23-38 inch12 inch30.48 cm
4 years36-40 inch14 inch35.56 cm
5 years38-48 inch16 inch40.64 cm
6 years48-52 inch18 inch45.72 cm
7 years52-60 inch20 inch50.8 cm

Bike Size Measurement Methods

If you are buying a bike from a market, then the only thing that you need to make sure of is whether you feel comfortable with the bike you want to buy or not. But as this is the modern social media era, everything is available online. Anything you want to believe you can buy from online with a single click. 

The only problem in buying a bike online is how you measure its size. You can see the bike size guide and purchase the bike according to your needs, which is the easiest way. Another method is calculating the bike’s size.

These digital calculators available online require your data, like your height and the type of bike you need. Once you put in the information, the site suggests a suitable cycle for you according to the given information.

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How To Check If A Bike Is Your Size

Let’s assume that you are standing in front of a bike that you are interested in, and you know the size of the bike. The size needs to be just about right, but how will you ensure it is a perfect match for you? Well, the method is easy to take off your shoes, stand right next to the bike and see if the bike size by height is equal to the measurement from the ground to your waist. 

Then sit on the bike and see if your toes touch the ground. The feet must touch the ground but partially.

If your feet land flat after you sit, then it means that your seat is too low, and your knees will bend while riding the bike, causing several joint problems. Therefore your feet need to touch the ground partially. 

If they do, that is the perfect bicycle size for you, and you shall buy it. However, while checking all these things, keep comfort in your mind. If it is your size, but you do not feel comfortable, then there is no point in buying that cycle.

Rider AgeRider HeightBike size in inchesBike size in cm
12-154.10- 5.1 ft18.89 inch46-48 cm
16-185.0-5.3 ft19.68 inch48-50 cm
18-205.6-5.9 ft23.62 inch58-60 cm
20 plus6-6.3 ft24.40 inch60-62 cm

Different Types of Bikes

Knowing the perfect bike size is essential for what kind of bike you buy and is also very important. There are several kinds of bikes, some of which are:

Mountain bikes: They are known for the size of their tires and structures as they are designed for climbing mountains, so the infrastructure of the bike is vital.

These bikes are most preferred by village people or people from underdeveloped places. The reason behind this is that the roads of those areas are pretty bumpy and can damage a regular bike. Therefore, a mountain bike suits those areas and people.

Sport bikes: They are known for the extra additions such as additional gears, slim tires, and a strong body frame because athletes in different sports events use these cycles. The companies specially design these bikes for athletes, and only some can ride them with special training.

Adult bikes: They are probably regular bikes, determined by their tires. Adult bikes are the ones everyone can ride, men, women, even kids. The only thing that matters in these bikes is the comfort level.

Bike Size For Men

Bikes for men and women both fall in the adult bike category. Therefore you can see the adult bicycle size chart to get yourself the perfect size. The bike size for adults is measured by the frame and seating position. Why would one want to ride a bicycle in the modern era of cars and motorbikes? 

The answer is that cycling is much safer. It is a healthy ride for the person and the environment, cheap, and easy to learn.

If you think about this ride, you will find many advantages and probably no disadvantages. Some countries are promoting cycling to lessen the pollution caused by vehicles. Thus the question raised above makes no sense. 

Adults looking for bikes must follow the bike size guide if they are looking for something that suits their size and is also comfortable. If ordering online, use bike size calculators and see the guide to get a perfect product that meets all your needs.

Rider AgeRider’s Height Bike size in inchesBike size in cm
20 – 225’7” to 5’11”17”43.1 cm
23 – 255’11” to 6’2”19”48.2 cm
26 – 286’2″ to 6’4″21”53.3 cm
29+6’4″ to 6’6″23”58.4 cm

Bike Size For Women

Bikes for women are the same as adult bikes because they are the same for men and women both. Their sizing is also measured from their framework and seating area.

But some companies make bikes specifically for women making them extra comfortable as women are sensitive. Safety precautions are followed more thoroughly for women’s bikes.

The bike sizing method and all other aspects one needs to keep in mind are almost the same as adult bike sizing. 

Rider AgeRider’s Height Bike size in inchesBike size in cm
18 – 204ft 10in – 5ft 1in26”66.04 cm
21 – 225ft 1in – 5ft 3in26”66.04 cm
23 – 255ft 3in – 5ft 5in26” to 27.5”66.04 to 69.85 cm
26 +5ft 5in – 5ft 8in29”73.6 cm

Bike Size For Kids

The kid’s bikes are a bit different from the adult ones. These bikes have two extra tires on the sides of their back wheels so that the kids can learn to balance the bike more effectively. Their most important aspect is its tires.

In the case of sizing, the bike size for a nine-year-old kid or younger is almost the same, and those extra tires can determine it on the sides of the back wheels.

Rider AgeRider’s Height Bike size in inchesBike size in cm
2 – 3 2’9.9″ – 3’4.2″12”30.48 cm
2 – 4 3’3.0″ – 3’10.1″16”40.6 cm
4 – 63’8.9″ – 4’4.0″20”50.8 cm
5 – 84’9.5″ – 5’3.0″24”60.96 cm


Bikes are becoming rare in the world of all these luxurious vehicles and other means of transport. Bike riding is healthy for the world’s environment and humans.

Cycling is an essential activity for human beings, but sadly this activity is getting rare day by day. Although if one wants to cycle, there are some aspects you need to keep in mind before buying one. 

The most important one is bike sizing. After that comes the comfort level and other elements, such as knowing the type of bike you want. To know the perfect bike size, you need to follow the bike size chart, which is the easiest way.