BMX Bike Size Chart

The word BMX stands for bikes for dirt or bicycle motocross. A BMX bike also ranks relatively high among people’s bike choices.

Road and mountain bikes are pretty popular among people, so BMX is just a little behind in that people’s choice list. The primary purpose of a BMX is off-road cycling, racing and stunt riding. 

Like all other bikes, whether it is a road bike, mountain bike or a BMX cycle, the essential thing that matters the most while buying a bike is its specifications and size like tyre sizes, pedal size, frame size and many other factors.

When purchasing a BMX its tires and frame size are essential factors. Now how can one measure a BMX cycle? This also becomes a headache sometimes.

Therefore you can utilize a BMX bike size chart. A BMX bike is a short bike with a simple frame setup and thick tyres for greater friction; multiple gears are a rarity and fulfil all the needs required by a racer or freestyle. 

SizeFrame SizeRider HeightRider Age
Junior17” – 18.50”4’5” – 4’9”11 – 12 years
Pro19” – 20”5’4” – 5’8”17 – 19 years
Pro Xl21”- 22.50”6’and above20 years and above

Types of BMX Bike

Similar to every other bike, a BMX bike also has several types. An individual needs to have proper knowledge about the bike.

The history of the bike shows that there was only one box bike, but with time, different varieties were introduced. Every type has its specific function and riding conditions. 

Thus it is a must to know what kind of bike you buy according to your needs. The BMX bike size guide is a great source to get this knowledge about the bike you want and its sizes. A few kinds of these BMX bikes are as follows;

  • Racing BMX Bike
  • Freestyle BMX Bike
  • Vert BMX Bike
  • Street BMX Bike
  • Park BMX Bike
BMX Bike Size Chart

BMX Race Bike Size

The primary purpose of a Bmx bike is racing. Therefore this bike is also known as the original version of the BMX. The Bmx racing involves running around a dirt track with many jumps and trails, making it a complete action-packed race.

This bike is built short and lightweight as the racing involves lots of hops; this lightweight and short height help the rider to jump quickly. 

Along with being lightweight, the bike is made extra stable to give the rider a good speed. These bikes have a frame which puts the bike’s handle under the rider’s control; pedals are designed to increase the bike’s efficiency.

These were a few essential features of a BMX race bike, but the essential ones are the bike size and BMX bike tyre size. 

Although this is a problem, the BMX bike size calculator or a BMX bike size guide may prove helpful in getting you the size you are looking for.

The most common tyre size for BMX race bikes is 20 inches, but that also depends upon several factors, such as track size, race requirements, and some others. Therefore, in such situations, these calculators and size guides come handy.

SizeFrame SizeRider HeightRider AgeWheel size
Expert18” – 19.50”5’ – 5’2”15 – 17 years20 – 24 inches
Pro19” – 20”5’4” – 5’8”17 – 19 years22 – 26 inches
Pro Xl21” – 22.50”6’ & above20 years and above26 inches

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BMX Bike Size For Men

Now it is optional if a bike’s primary purpose is off-road biking, so the bike’s rider must also be a professional or that bike is not allowed for casual use. 

This is a complete misconception amongst people that Bmx cycles are usable casually. For kids, one might need to think before buying it as it is a sporty kind of bike, but in the case of an adult male or female, this bike is considerable.

The BMX bike size, BMX bike tyre size, and BMX bike chain size are the things that don’t matter when buying it for regular daily use.

All you need to know is about the BMX adult bike size chart; the only thing that will help you find the best BMX adult size is the one thing that matters most; it doesn’t matter what the purpose of buying the bike is. 

This BMX bike size chart will help you find the best size BMX bike for adults. Once you find your size, you can buy it and enjoy the ride; there is no restriction on riding a BMX bike.

SizeFrame SizeRider HeightRider Age
Expert18” – 19.50”5’ – 5’2”15 – 17 years
Pro19” – 20”5’4” – 5’8”17 – 19 years
Pro Xl21” – 22.50”6’and above20 years & above

BMX Bike Frame Size Chart

The most common feature of any bike is its frame, which carries most of the rider’s weight; hence, it is an essential feature.

Now, why is it a necessary factor for a BMX bike? One of the main reasons is the outcome that is required from the bike, which is overcoming different dirt track jumps and obstacles, and that, too, needs to be done efficiently without making the rider uncomfortable.

The thing responsible for all these requirements is the bike’s frame, Its size. Mostly the frame setup of this bike is pretty simple so that the rider gets reasonable control over the bike, but the size that matters is often compromised, which in future creates problems.

Hence a chart known as the BMX Bike size chart by height is given below, which shows the frame size, bike size, and bike size according to different ages and heights.

SizeFrame SizeRider HeightRider Age
Expert18” – 19.50”5’ – 5’2”15 – 17 years
Pro19” – 20”5’4” – 5’8”17 – 19 years

How To Measure BMX Bike Size

The sizing process of a BMX bike is similar to every other bike’s sizing. Bike size calculators and bike size charts are among the most common methods used in a wide range to get a perfect bike size.

It doesn’t matter what size you are looking for, whether it’s a BMX bike size for a teenager, an adult or any size you want, you most probably will find it in these charts or calculators. 

But let’s assume you need to see the size you are looking for. Then what will you do? Well, there is nothing to worry about; you can switch to old school style, which is you know about the bike, you find it, you sit on it if your feet partially touch the ground, and there you go, that is your bike size right there.

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A BMX cycle is one of a kind compared to other bike types. It is lightweight, short in height, provides excellent efficiency and has many more functions than a BMX cycle can do.

The only drawback of buying a BMX is its expenses, as it is an expensive bike because it is mainly manufactured for the sporting industry. 

Just because of the purpose of the bike, you can’t say that an ordinary person cannot use the bike; it is usable for casual usage.

If an adult wants to buy a bike, he can consider this bike, but if you are purchasing a bike for your kid, then you should avoid it. Kids’ bikes are available that are much more comfortable and suitable for them. 

The thing which is a concern for most people is the bike sizing, but that too is not a big deal loads of BMX bike size charts and bike guides or calculators are available nowadays.

Hence, this blog makes it easier for individuals to choose the best size and bike according to their needs and budget.