We must select the proper bra size to be comfortable and well-fitting. Because our bodies and bra sizes continuously change, it makes sense to figure out your size before purchasing a new bra.

Through an estimate, it is said that about 80% of women got the wrong bra size. Are you the one who never gets the properly fitted size, no matter what? Are you tired of itchy, tight, or oversized bras? Do you want to get your confidence back with the perfect fit? Then, this post is just the right one for you. 


International Bra Size Chart

Every woman has a different body figure, so finding the right bra size becomes imperative. So, why don’t you wear a bra that fits your size with the help of the bra size chart? 

Bra sizes can vary depending on the country and region. In the US, bra sizes are typically measured as a combination of band and cup sizes.

Band size is measured in inches, and cup size is measured as A, B, C, D, DD, etc. The UK also measures the band size in inches but may have different cup sizes.

While in Europe, band size is measured in centimeters, and cup sizes are not labeled the same way as in the UK and the US.

For your convenience, below is a general international bra size chart:

International SizeBand SizeCup Size (Alpha)Cup Size
2824 – 25 inchesAA0 – 1 inches
3026 – 27 inchesA1 – 2 inches
3228 – 29 inchesB2 – 3 inches
3430 – 31 inchesC3 – 4 inches
3632 – 33 inchesD4 – 5 inches
3834 – 35 inchesDD/E5 – 6 inches
4036 – 37 inchesDDD/F6 – 7 inches
4238 – 39 inchesG7 – 8 inches
4440 – 41 inchesH8 – 9 inches
4642 – 43 inchesI9 – 10 inches
4844 – 45 inchesJ10 – 11 inches
5046 – 47 inchesK11 – 12 inches

What is ABCD in bra size?

The letters ABCD in bra size refer to the cup sizes. Just like the numbers stand for the band sizes. The letters are chosen to denote the serial differences in the cup volume.

Bra Band And Cup Size Guide

A Bra Band and Cup Size Guide can help people find the best bra fit for them. The band size determines the circumference of the bra around the ribcage, measured in inches or centimetres, while the cup size (A, B, C, etc.) relates to breast volume.

These measures together create a comfortable and supportive fit. Sizing correctly is critical for overall comfort and optimal breast support.

How big is a 30 bra size?

A bra size 30 is considered a small bra size. A 30-inch band size suggests that you are pretty thin. However, it is crucial to note that there is no “normal” or “ideal” bra size because it varies widely between individuals.

A 30A bra has a bandwidth of 30 inches and a bust width of 31 inches. The band size that wraps around the underbust in size 30B is 30 inches. The letter “B” denotes a 2-inch band and cup size difference. As a result, women with a 32-inch bust and a 30-inch band size will fit comfortably into a 30B bra. 

When it comes to bra sizes for girls aged 10 to 11, it is recommended to opt for sizes 30A or 30B for the best fit and comfort. To ensure a comfortable experience, we suggest considering options from reputable brands such as Nike, Adidas, Clovia, and PJ Harlow.

Is Bust 32 small or medium?

A bust size of 32 is considered small to medium. However, it matters to consider the band size as well as the cup size for a correct fit. Cup sizes for a 32-band size can vary, with A and B cups being the most prevalent.

What size is a 34 bra?

A bra size of 34 fits most women in the medium range. Nike, for example, has sports bras in size 34 that provide good support for various activities. Cup size selection is influenced by age and body form, with younger people frequently prefer smaller cups like 34A. At the same time, more mature women may choose bigger sizes like 34B to accommodate increases in breast volume.

How big is a 40 size bra?

A bra size of 40 fits most women in the bigger size range. Cup sizes for a 40 band size can vary, with variations like 40A and 40B. Nike, for example, sells bras in size 40 that provide support and comfort. Cup size selection is influenced by age and body type, responding to various needs for a well-fitted and comfortable bra.

How do I calculate my bra size?

You can get assistance through  A bra size guide to find the perfect-fitting bra by measuring the band and bust sizes. The measurement involves the band’s ribcage and the bust’s fullest part. After this, you can use these measurements to determine the correct cup size. When you are shopping internationally, you can use the bra size conversion. 

Which is the process of converting bra sizes between different sizing systems, such as US, UK, and European sizes. For obtaining adequate support and comfort in undergarments, there must be appropriate measurement and size conversions. 

It is simple to determine your bra size. 

  • Firstly, put a tape measure around your ribcage just under your breast and measure your band size.
  • Take your bust measurement at the fullest region of your breasts. 
  • Subtract the band size from the bust size and multiply the result by the cup size. 
  • A 2-inch difference, for example, equates to a B cup. 
  • Your bra size, such as 36B, comprises the band and cup sizes. 
  • Remember that sizes vary by brand, so try on bras to ensure the best fit.


Finally, obtaining the proper bra size is vital for comfort and support. You can determine your ideal fit by following simple steps, such as measuring your band and bust sizes accurately.

However, remember that sizing might vary between brands, so trying on several bras of different brands is recommended. Your age, body shape, and personal preferences determine the perfect bra.

Finally, a well-fitted bra boosts comfort and confidence, allowing you to go about your day quickly and style. So, determine your ideal measurement and reap the benefits of a well-chosen bra.