Energy Giving Food Chart

If you are an early riser, you might know the feeling of being tired by mid-day. That’s probably because you might not have added enough energy-boosting nutrients in your morning breakfast to keep you going throughout the day.

If you plan your meals right, you can stay energized and healthy all day. People often prefer to grab an energy bar or drink to help them through the day.

However, adding high-sugar foods to your meals will only give you a sugar rush due to a plunge in blood sugar levels. 

There are several foods that offer instant energy and are full of essential nutrients needed for good health. Follow the article to read about the top 10 energy-boosting foods list and energy-giving foods for bodybuilders and students.

We will be discussing energy-giving food charts to help you understand the types of food that should be included in different meals so that you can plan your meals effectively.

energy giving food chart

Energy Giving Food

To maintain your energy throughout the day, eating every four hours or so is best to keep yourself fueled. Eating the right foods is essential to get the energy you need.

People often take caffeine or energy drinks to get energized during the day. You will be surprised to know that studies reveal that sugar and caffeine can offer instant energy uplift but can lead to more fatigue, less alertness, and poor performance.

Adding energy-boosting foods to your diet will make you feel alert, awake, and energized. Such foods also provide the essential nutrients needed for sustained energy Throughout the day. Look at the list below to find the top energy-boosting foods.

Some of these foods slowly release energy from the carbohydrates present in them. Other food sources have vital minerals and vitamins needed for cellular energy and the production process of the body. A few good protein sources in the list provide the energy required to build and maintain body tissues and muscle.

Bananas 1 small377 KJ
Oatmeal100 g1757 KJ
Spinach80 g82 KJ
Eggs44 g62.5 KJ
Nuts1 g 29 KJ
Fish meal1 kg2645 KJ
Seeds1 g4.4 – 6.8 KJ
Dark chocolate1 g5.56 KJ
Fruit150 g350 KJ
Sweet potatoes100 g359 KJ

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Energy Giving Foods For Breakfast

According to Sophie Dahl, there is nothing better than a proper breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it gives you the energy needed to start the day and the motivation to face difficulties throughout the day.

A power-packed breakfast is full of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats used to supply energy. A healthy breakfast combo may also have a combination of colorful fruits and vegetables to help kick-start the day in total power.

Many people have an extended interval after breakfast before they start their next meal. They need to eat an energy-packed breakfast rich in nutrients that provide lasting energy.

It’s best to avoid unhealthy food options high in sugar, additives, and carbs that may feel like instant energy boosters but negatively affect our health and energy level.

To know how an energy-boosting breakfast should look, consult the energy-giving foods list below.

Greek yogurt150 g335 KJ
Cottage cheese100 g303 KJ
Whole wheat toast100 g218 kcal
Chia seeds15 g281 KJ

Energy Giving Foods For Lunch

We often start our day energetic, but in the mid-afternoon, we start feeling exhausted and in need of some coffee. It’s normal to feel drained in the midday as your energy levels reach a lower level.

Studies show that energy packed breakfast increases your blood sugar level, enabling you to focus better on your work. People who don’t eat lunch are more prone to weight gain because they tend to.. overeat at dinner to make up for their missed lunch.

People who avoid lunch often say that they feel a post-lunch slump which makes them lazy. It’s true, but if you choose your meal wisely and add healthy and energy-boosting foods, you will feel energetic and ready for the rest of the day. 

We have chosen some interesting energy boosting foods that you can add to your lunches.

Beans100g131 KJ
Grilled Salmon filet140g1090 KJ
Hummus30g382 KJ
Brown rice100g460 KJ

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Energy Giving Food For Students

Student life involves facing many challenges while learning and understanding new concepts and information. It’s crucial that a student takes an energy boosting diet so that they feel geared up for the different challenges they face during the day.  

Students whose diet lacks the essential nutrients and vitamins needed to stay energized during the day feel fatigued, tired and sleepy during the day. They are not able to focus on the information hence they are not able to understand it properly. Taking an energy boosting diet can help students achieve their educational goals.

You might have seen students consuming more nuts and seeds during the exams because they are excellent energy boosting sources and are also known as the brain food.

Some energy boosting foods such as nuts and seeds are good for brain nourishment. Such foods improve mental performance and enable the students to handle difficult tasks with ease.

To find out about some of the brain foods that offer energy consult the table below.

Macadamia nuts100 g3006 KJ
Boiled eggs60 g310 KJ
Avocados1 g1.6 kcals
Fried rainbow trout100 g578.46 KJ

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Energy Giving Foods For Weakness

The food you eat is the fuel that your body runs on. If you are eating healthy and energy rich foods you will probably feel energetic and active throughout the day.

On the contrary, if your diet includes fizzy drinks, processed foods, junk food and caffeine beverages you will probably feel weak and tired throughout the day. To feel strong and healthy it’s crucial to eat the best food possible.

People who feel weak should eat several small portion meals consisting of energy boosting products. Such foods will offer energy and make you feel healthy and strong in the long run.

Eating a big meal will require more energy to digest it instead of using the energy to power the body. Have a look at the table below to find out the foods best to counter weakness and make your body healthy in the long run.

Slices turkey breast100 g417 KJ
Almonds30 g760 KJ
Walnuts30 g828 KJ
Milkshake350 ml1208 KJ

Energy Giving Food For Workout

Fueling up before a workout is necessary so that you have enough energy to workout properly. Ideally, you should fuel up two hours before exercising so that you are ready for the workout. 

Eating healthy carbohydrates such as whole grain cereals, whole grain pasta, fat free or low fat yogurt, brown rice, vegetables and fruits. Such foods are healthy and provide lasting energy needed for workout.

Foods that have high content of saturated foods should be avoided before a workout as these types of foods digest slowly and take away oxygen and energy giving blood from the muscles making you feel lazy and sluggish after a meal. Check out the table below on ideas for how to plan your meals before workout.

If you don’t have enough time for a meal just grab a fruit like a banana or an apple for instant energy.  

Whole grain pasta100 g1432 KJ
Whole grain cereals 100 g1338 KJ
Fat free yogurt100 g182 KJ
Apple100 g215 KJ


Eating unhealthy foods that don’t provide energy or essential nutrients needed to function is like driving a car without fuel.  Due to an inappropriate diet, you may feel tired and fatigued hence, a balanced diet that offers energy and various other nutrients is important.

Energy packed meals are important for people of all ages. An energy packed meal keeps you fired up for the day so that you can take care of your matters efficiently. We have listed some interesting energy foods in the energy giving foods chart above to help you plan your meals.