Gucci Ring Size Chart

Are you love the Gucci ring and want to buy a ring?? but not sure what size is perfect for you. Dontworry this is normally most people are confused when they see the size guide on the company website. 

Because every product of the Gucci brand manufactures in different countries, For example, Gucci rings are made in Italy so during size stamping they stamp Italian size.

But one question comes to mind What about other countries like the US, UK, JP, etc. what do they do?? the answer is simple you can convert Italian size into US and Us to the UK.

So how we convert all these sizes simply Gucci has a conversion table on their Official site  Gucci size conversion.

If you face difficulty understanding Gucci’s ring size conversion. don’t worry we design a Gucci ring size chart to solve this problem efficiently.

Gucci ring size chart

For Details understanding of Gucci ring size first, we classify all the sizes into Global size units like Small (S), Medium(M), and Large (L)

S (Small)M (Medium)L (Large)
XS (Extra Small)XL (Extra Large)
XXS (Extra extra Small)XXL (Extra extra Large)

Gucci XXS size rings

Gucci Extra extra small size rings start from 01 to 08 in Italian size. The size and diameter of these rings are tiny and easy to fit for kids who are 1 to 13 years old.

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Gucci XS size rings

In Extra small size, Gucci has only two sizes of rings one is 09 (IT) Second is 10 (IT). The circumference of these rings is bigger enough to fit a 13+ Years old.

NOTE: "IT" means Italian size

Gucci S size rings

Small size rings start from 11 (IT) to 13 (IT)۔ These rings can be worn by adults over 18.

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Gucci M size rings

In medium-size Gucci has 3 rings (14,15,16) Italian size unit. If you are from another country you can see our Gucci ring size chart appear above.                                  

188 1/458Q-R17.4
198 3/459R18.3
219 1/261S-T20.3
2310 1/463U-V22.2
2410 3/464V23.1
2611 1/466X25
2711 3/467X-Y26

Large size mostly used by 50+ years old Men and Women whose fingers are fat. Best for those who want to wear a ring on their thumb. so let go for a detailed understanding of Gucci’s large sizes.

Gucci L size rings

Large size starts from 17 to 19 (IT) and the Diameter of these rings starts from 18.8 mm to 18.8 mm. If you already have a ring but don’t know the size of this ring you have and you want to know the size of your ring simply just Download this printable Gucci ring size guide chart. More detail you find in the chart.

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Gucci XL size rings

20 to 23 (IT) consider Extra Large. The diameter of XL rings starts from 19.2mm to 20.2mm. Gucci Large size rings are mostly used by Men’s.

Gucci XXL size rings

X-Extra Large size starts from 24 to 27 (IT). The diameter of these rings is 20.4 mm to 21.2 mm. You can also wear it on the thumb.

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Final Thought

In this Gucci ring size guide, we add all effort to explain in detail about sizes what to wear, and what not to wear.

But if you are still confused our suggestion is to go offline Gucci store and check your desired size then buy online otherwise you will receive the wrong size of the ring.

I hope you enjoy the article. If you have any questions please write in the comment section we are happy to guide you. This article is only for educational purposes.