Indian Food Calorie Chart

With increased awareness people make sure to know what they eat which means keeping a track of its calories. However, it’s not easy with a meal that contains a diverse variety of foods such as lentils, rice, roti and cooked veggies.

Yes, Indian food can incorporate several different flavours in one meal which means a lot of nutrients and also a lot of calories to track. We understand the misery and so we have created an Indian calorie food chart to help you keep track of your calories easily.

If you are a fan of Indian food, then sit back and relax as we unravel the high calorie and low calorie indian meals and much more in the article ahead.

indian High Calories Foods

High Calorie Indian Foods

While Indian food is generally but the cooking method alters their calorie content. People watching weight can reduce the portion size of a high calorie Indian meal to enjoy its flavour. Be mindful of balancing a heavy meal with high calorie foods with lighter nutritious options.

If you are one of those lucky people who can get away with eating anything then you have got to try these lip smacking high calorie Indian foods. The cooking method, spices and incorporation of butter or cream gives these foods the kick that we admire and love so much. Here’s a list of some of our favourite high calorie Indian foods.

FoodsCalories (per serving)Serving Size (per serving)
Biryani500-8001 cup
Butter Chicken400-5001 piece of chicken
Paneer Tikka Masala350-4001 cup
Rogan Josh400-5001 cup
Malai Kofta300-4002 koftas
Samosa250-3001 piece
Aloo Paratha250-3001 paratha
Chole Bhature500-6001 plate
Puri with Potato Curry350-4002 puris
Shahi Tukda (Indian Bread Pudding)300-4001 piece
Gulab Jamun150-2002 pieces
Jalebi250-3002-3 jalebis
Ghee (Clarified Butter)100-1201 tablespoon

High Calorie Indian Foods For Toddlers

indian foods for toddlers

Toddlers need a diverse range of nutritions for efficient growth and development however it’s not easy to feed these little humans. It’s best to identify what your picky eater likes and turn them into high calorie foods.

You can also make small tweaks and make the meals look interesting for your kids to be intrigued to enjoy the meals. Otherwise there is a viable option that you’ll end up preparing several meals all in vain. Try to incorporate vegetables in their meals by making a vegetable pulao or mix vegetable upma. 

Potatoes are usually a favourite vegetable for most toddlers and it’s also nutritious so you can make aloo paratha, aloo dosa, aloo sabzi with puri and even aloo ki kheer. Toddlers also need their protein so make sure to add lentils and chicken in their diet. For more ideas on nutrition dense foods for toddlers follow the table below.

FoodsCalories (per serving)Serving Size (per serving)
Khichdi with Ghee and Lentils200-3001 small bowl
Sweet Potato Paratha with Yogurt Dip200-2501 paratha with dip
Banana and Almond Butter Smoothie200-2501 cup
Vegetable Pulao with Raita250-3001 small bowl
Moong Dal Soup with Roti or Rice200-2501 small bowl
Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Paratha200-2501 paratha
Mixed Vegetable Upma200-2501 small bowl
Chicken or Paneer Tikka150-2002-3 pieces
Dalia (Cracked Wheat) Porridge with Milk200-2501 small bowl
Poha (Flattened Rice) with Peanuts200-2501 small bowl
Fruit Yogurt Parfait150-2001 small bowl
Lentil Pancakes (Dal Cheela) with Chutney200-2502-3 cheelas

High Protein Low Calorie Indian Foods

Some people prefer a high protein and low calorie diet to lose weight but can’t find the appropriate meal options. For this form of diet you should add lentils and chickpeas to your diet which is a high quality source of plant based protein. Greek yoghurt, paneer and Tofu are also one of the high protein options and taste great. 

You can add these to your salads, stir fried curries or use it as an alternative for meat. All these foods are also ideal for people who follow a vegan diet. For non-vegetarian options baked or grilled fish and skinless chicken breast are some of the lean meat that are low in calories. Egg is a quick fix and has low calories but is packed with protein and various other nutritions.

It’s also a good idea to pair the high protein low calorie indian foods with whole grains, vegetables and healthy fats to create balanced meals. The Indian food calories list for high protein low calories foods can help you maintain a healthy diet.

FoodsProtein Content (per serving)Calories (per serving)Serving Size (per serving)
Tofu Bhurji10 – 15 g150 – 2001 cup
Moong Dal (Split Yellow Lentils)14 g120 – 1501/2 cup
Grilled Chicken Breast25 – 30 g150 – 2003 ounces
Sprouts Salad6 – 8 g80 – 1001 cup
Greek Yogurt (Low-fat)15 g100 – 1201 cup
Cottage Cheese (Paneer)15 – 20g80 – 1001/2 cup
Lentil Soup (Dal Soup)10 – 12g100 – 1201 cup
Egg Bhurji15 g150 – 1802 eggs
Grilled Fish (Tilapia, Cod, or Salmon)20 – 25 g150 – 2003 ounces
Chickpea Salad (Chana Salad)10 – 12 g120 – 1501 cup
Tandoori Chicken25 – 30 g150 – 2001 leg or breast
Roasted Almonds6 g160 – 1801/4 cup

Low Calorie Indian Meals

The worst part about dieting is getting advice from inexperienced people and then going overboard with your exercise regime. If you follow some tips derived from professional advice, you can lose weight and even maintain it.

Eat loads of fruits and vegetables as they have few calories but are rich in vitamins and minerals. Modify high calorie ingredients in your recipe with low calorie alternatives to be sure that there are no culprits in your meals.

Eat small meals and add healthy snacks in between such as a portion of fruit or vegetables. Eat homemade food and make sure to use less oil, also refrain from deep frying your food which can be a biggest hurdle in your weight loss journey. Add lean meat options to your diet and the interesting meal options, given below in the table.  

FoodCalories (approx)Ingredients
Moong Dal Soup100 – 150Split yellow lentils (moong dal), spices, garlic, ginger
Tandoori Grilled Chicken Breast150 – 200Chicken breast, yoghourt, lemon juice, spices, garlic, ginger
Sauteed Spinach with Garlic50 – 100Spinach, garlic, olive oil
Cucumber Raita50 – 100Cucumber, yoghourt, spices
Vegetable Stir-Fry100 – 150Assorted vegetables (such as bell peppers, broccoli, carrots), spices, olive oil
Sprouts Salad100 – 150Mixed sprouts (such as mung bean sprouts, chickpea sprouts), vegetables, lemon juice, spices
Grilled Fish with Lemon and Herbs150 – 200Fish fillet, lemon juice, herbs (such as parsley, dill), spices
Egg Bhurji150 – 200Eggs, onions, tomatoes, spices
Tofu Tikka Masala150 – 200Tofu, onions, tomatoes, spices, yogurt
Chickpea and Vegetable Curry150 – 200Chickpeas, mixed vegetables, spices, tomato-based sauce

Low Calorie Snacks Indian

indian low calories snacks

Feeling hungry between meals is a big problem for weight watchers as it leads to unhealthy eating, ruining all the efforts. However, if you eat healthy snacks, you’ll feel full without gaining much calories. 

Roasted chickpeas, dhokla, roasted nuts, vegetable chaat, fruit chaat are some of the options you can try. Whatever, you are craving for you can try and find a healthier alternative to consume less calories. If you feel like having samosas, then try baked ones. Same goes for pakoras, you can air fry them and enjoy the crisp. 

Be mindful of the portion size, if you consume low calorie snacks in large amounts you can end up ruining your calorie count. Here’s an Indian food calorie calculator that you can use to enjoy a balanced diet and exercise to maintain your well being.

SnacksCalories (approx)Serving Size
Roasted Chickpeas100 – 1501/4 cup
Masala Roasted Almonds150 – 2001/4 cup
Fruit Chaat50 – 1001 cup
Sprouts Salad100 – 1501/2 cup
Cucumber and Carrot Sticks50 – 1001 cup
Roasted Makhana (Fox Nuts)100 – 1501/2 cup
Vegetable Soup100 – 1501 cup
Steamed Dhokla100 – 1501 piece
Grilled Paneer Skewers150 – 2002 skewers
Greek Yoghourt with Berries100 – 1501/2 cup yogurt + 1/4 cup berries
Cucumber Raita50 – 1001/2 cup
Baked Papad50 – 1001 piece

South Indian Food Calories

South Indian food offers a diverse range of flavours and dishes with varying calorie counts depending on the meal and ingredients used.  Their food is steamed (putt, adai, idiyappam or idli), fermented (appam, idli or dosa) or boiled (boiled vegetables and eggs) hence it’s a perfect addition to a weight loss diet. 

South Indian food is generally low in calories and includes a mix of proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates. It’s also easy to digest as it doesn’t involve deep frying or excessive cooking which tends to add unhealthy fats in cooking.

Dr. Palaniappan Manickam

Dr. Palaniappan Manickam also known as Dr.pal is a physician in California with a huge following on Youtube where he shares his insight on how to consume high calorie food the best way and which food is best for a low calorie diet.

For a balanced diet you can compliment the south indian dishes with vegetables, meat and lentils. Here’s a list of some mouthwatering low south indian food  that you can try and add to your meals.

South Indian DishCalories (approx. per serving)
Idli (2 pieces)60 – 70
Dosa (1 plain dosa)100 – 150
Uttapam (1 medium-sized)150 – 200
Vada (1 medu vada)100 – 150
Sambhar (1 serving)50 – 100
Coconut Chutney (1 serving)50 – 100
Tomato Chutney (1 serving)50 – 100
Masala Dosa (1 dosa with potato filling)250 – 300
Pongal (1 serving)200 – 250
Lemon Rice (1 serving)200 – 250
Curd Rice (1 serving)200 – 250
Bisibelebath (1 serving)250 – 300
Puliyodharai (Tamarind Rice, 1 serving)200 – 250
Avial (1 serving)150 – 200
Rasam (1 serving)50 – 100
Payasam (Kheer, 1 serving)150 – 200

Kerala Food Calorie

Kerala food is a flavorful cuisine in India, popular for its use of coconut in its various dishes. If you are a big fan of rice and the thought of removing rice from your meals scare you then Kera food is for you. 

It’s low in calories as most of the meals are prepared by steaming, fragmenting or boiling. While some dishes are low in calories, some may be calorie dense because of the presence of coconut oil so if you are having a takeout from a kerala restaurant make sure it has less calories.

You can still enjoy calorie dense foods in moderation or pair them with vegetables and fruits to feel fuller. We have designed a kerala food calorie chart to help you manage your meals.

Kerala DishCalories (approx. per serving)Serving Size (per serving)
Appam100 – 1502 pieces
Puttu150 – 2001 serving (1 cup)
Kerala Parotta250 – 3001 parotta
Malabar Chicken Biryani400 – 5001 serving
Fish Curry with Rice300 – 4001 serving
Avial150 – 2001 serving (1 cup)
Kerala Sambar100 – 1501 serving (1 cup)
Thoran100 – 1501 serving (1 cup)
Kerala Fish Fry200 – 2501 serving (1 piece)
Coconut Chutney50 – 1001 serving (2 tablespoons)
Banana Chips150 – 2001 serving (1 ounce)
Prawn Roast200 – 2501 serving (1 piece)
Payasam (Kheer)150 – 2001 serving (1 cup)
Beef Fry300 – 4001 serving
Kappa (Tapioca) with Fish Curry250 – 3001 serving

Final Words

Watching weight doesn’t mean starving yourself, this way you won’t be able to be consistent with your weight loss efforts. You live once, so why not make the most of it by eating a balanced diet incorporating calorie rich meals in small proportions?

Enjoy the wide range of flavours, different forms of cuisines and add the low calorie meals to your diet plans to get the variety. To know how you can plan a low calorie diet refer to the Indian food calorie charts above. Diversify your meals and you’ll be amazed with the results.