Iron Foods Chart

Iron is a vital nutrient our body needs to perform its functions; the primary one is making red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout your body. Our bodies can store iron but cannot produce them; hence we can only get iron from the food we eat. 

You must get 18 mg of iron daily from the food you consume. You may experience an iron deficiency if you lose more iron than you intake. An iron deficiency causes anemia and feelings of fatigue and tiredness. 

Luckily, you can consume iron-rich foods to help meet the daily iron needs of your body. Read on to find out about the foods high in the iron list, iron food charts, good and bad sources of iron, and more.

iron in foods chart per 100 grams

Foods High In Iron

It would be best to try to eat food rich in iron to fulfil your daily iron requirement. Taking iron supplements is also an excellent option to meet your daily iron requirement. The following information describes the iron needs of different age groups:

AgeIron Required
Adult Men (19-50 years)8 mg
Adult Women (19-50 years)18 mg
Adults (51 years & older)8 mg

Iron helps our bodies perform many vital functions, including improving cognitive function, energy levels, increased performance, regulation of body temperature, and boosting the immune system. 

Women are at a higher risk of having iron deficiency anemia; hence they should get it checked by a practitioner. 

We have designed an iron-rich foods list to help you incorporate these in your meals for a healthy diet. Iron in meat is the best source of iron so try to include the different types of meat in your meals.

FoodsServing SizeIron Contained
Spinach3.5 ounces2.7 mg
Red meat3.5 ounces2.7 mg
Turkey3.5 ounces1.4 mg
Fish3 ounce1.4 mg

Low Iron Foods

Most people have iron deficiency and don’t give importance to it and leave it untreated. However, if left untreated, it can affect the efficient functioning of your body, and you may feel tired and have low energy. Iron deficiency may cause restless leg syndrome and reduce cognitive performance.

Iron deficiency is also very dangerous for pregnant women; according to research, almost 50% of pregnant women experience Iron deficiency. Iron deficiency can hinder the development of the baby. Hence, pregnant women must get their Iron levels checked.

Most people work hard to make their hair, skin, and nails look beautiful and healthy. Consuming foods that are good sources of iron can strengthen your hair and nails and make your skin look fresh.

If you have an iron deficiency, nothing you do will work unless you fulfill the daily iron requirement. Look at our Iron food charts to learn about the foods containing iron to prevent anemia.

Iron Rich Fruits

It’s crucial to have an iron-rich diet that fulfils the body’s daily requirements. Conversely, ensure not to consume too much iron as it may interfere with metabolism and damage vital organs such as the liver and heart. 

An overdose can also cause constipation, stomach pain, and sickness. Fruits have non-heme iron, which the body cannot easily absorb. Eating vitamin C with fruits and vegetables that have a high iron content can make these foods well absorbed.

The body efficiently regulates iron acquired from fruits and vegetables, so an overdose can only occur if people take its supplements.

Some fruits have low iron content, but they may be rich in other essential nutrients; hence fruits are always a safe option to consume. Let’s look at the table below to find out all fruits that are good sources of iron and fruits with low iron content.

Iron Rich Fruits list

FoodsServing SizeIron Contained
Dried Apricots100 g6 mg
Dried Coconut100 g3 mg
Raisins100 g1.9 mg
Strawberries156 g1.08 mg 

Low Iron Fruits list

FoodsServing SizeIron Contained
Raspberries100 g1 mg
Prunes100 g0.9 mg
Berries100 g0.3 mg
Dates100 g1 mg

Iron Rich Vegetables

Vegetables are natural sources of iron that contain non-heme iron. Vegan people choose vegan iron sources such as vegetables to fulfil their daily requirements. By planning their diet, carefully vegan people can fulfil their daily needs without taking supplements.

 For better absorption of non-heme iron found in vegetables, it’s best to eat it with vitamin C. Pair Tofu, broccoli, beans, and tomato sauce to make your meals delicious and easy on your stomach. Avoid having tea or coffee with your meal, as this can reduce iron absorption by 39% with coffee and 64% with tea.

Also, you shouldn’t consume calcium-rich foods and calcium supplements close to iron-rich meals. The best time is to take calcium supplements several hours before an iron-rich meal. Now let’s find out the iron-rich and low vegetables. 

 Iron Rich Vegetables list

FoodsServing SizeIron Contained
Palm Hearts156g4.6 mg
Peas156g4.2 mg
Mushrooms156g2.7 mg
Pumpkin seeds28.6g1.7 – 3.9mg

Low Iron Vegetables list

FoodsServing SizeIron Contained
Potato1 each1.9mg
Green beans156g1mg

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Iron Rich Smoothie

Everyone needs an energy boost once in a while, whether you are a kid, an adult, pregnant, or tired. Iron-rich smoothies have been trending because they provide an instant energy hit and are a great way to start your mornings or fuel up your evenings.

If you are a mom looking to feed your toddler an iron-rich smoothie, mix spinach and chia seeds with orange juice and yogurt, and there you have it, a nutritional-packed drink that is also yummy and best for health.

 This other smoothie recipe is our favorite and involves pretty odd ingredients but tastes divine. Just put fresh spinach, half ripe banana, 1 cup orange juice, ¼ cup yogurt, 1 tbsp chia seeds, ½ date, and three ice cubes in a blender, blend it well, and it’s ready.

Most people need help incorporating enough iron in their meals but making iron-rich smoothies will make it easier. Most recipes involve mixing essential ingredients in the fridge, so it’s a quick fix for weight watchers. 

Since smoothies are easy to make, they are a perfect alternative to the junk food you crave in the evening. Just pack some smoothies on the go, and you can have them whenever you feel like it.


Good food choices are good investments, as Bethenny Frankel said; a good diet today can lead to a better and healthier today and tomorrow. 

Iron helps the body perform vital functions; hence our meals should be carefully planned to include some proportion of iron-rich foods. Our iron food charts will be handy in designing perfectly balanced meals incorporating meat, fruits, and vegetables.