Lips Shape Chart

Each of us has a unique face shape and features. The lips are the most talked-about feature of the human body when it comes to features. Our eyes are thought to be the windows to our souls. Lips reveal a lot about who we are.

Lips come in various shapes and sizes, and according to face scientists, they are one of the most important elements in determining our personality.

Despite its importance, many women are less concerned about their lip type than their face, skin, or hair. It’s critical to select the appropriate lip makeup. It is only possible if you understand your lip type and how to enhance your existing features.

Lips Shape Chart

What is a Lip Shape Chart?

A lip shape chart is a diagram that is used to quickly and easily determine your lip shape. One can find lip shapes, sync graphs, and lip-type charts on the internet.

It can lead to the learning and understanding of your lips. This article will tell you about your lip shape and assist you in finding the best style techniques for it.

Thin Lips

The top and lower lips are shorter and have less volume than thin lips. There is no discernible arc on the top lip, and both lips are of equal size.

Tips for Thin Lips:

You add volume to your lips by drawing over your lip line and mixing the borders with your natural lip color. To make the top lip appear fuller, use gloss or a lighter shade of lipstick.

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Wide Lip

Your smile looks broader since your lips are spread out. Their grin is often the most prominent feature for persons with wide lips. As a result, a balanced look with the proper lip makeup is essential.

Tips for Wide Lips:

Most people who have this lip shape want to add some pout to their lips. To do this, you can use two different lipstick colors: one darker and one lighter. The lighter shade goes on first, then the deeper shade, which you can apply with a little lip brush.

Overlining the lips makes them appear larger and highlighting other parts of the face with foundation, powder, or eye makeup like mascara attracts attention away from the pout and toward the rest of your face.

Fuller Lips

For centuries, full, voluptuous lips have been seen as a sign of attractiveness. Lips with increased fullness and a tendency to protrude out characterize this lip shape. Both the top and bottom of these lips are naturally and evenly plumped.

Tips for Fuller Lips:

Even though large lips are typically considered attractive, many people apply makeup to enhance their appearance and bring little attention to their lips.

Neutral lip colors, especially those that complement the complexion well, assist in drawing less attention. Others try to make their lips appear larger by contouring them.

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Round Lip

The width and height of round lips are nearly identical. The edges of the lips are likewise softened to create the impression of a circular shape. They’re generally full as well. However, don’t look for a cupid’s bow; you’re unlikely to find one.

Tips for Round Lips:

If you have this lip shape, you might consider widening your pout. You can apply liner on the outside margins of your lips to the corners. Avoid dark shades because they can make your lips appear smaller.

Heavy Upper Lip

The shape is top-heavy when the upper lip has more volume and protrudes out. The top lip is more rounded and lacks a pronounced bend or Cupid’s bow in this case.

Tips for Heavy Upper Lip Shape:

The greatest approach to highlight this lip is using a lip liner. Applying a little gloss or white shadow to the center of your lower lip might help to give your lips a more balanced appearance.

Heavy Lower Lip

Heavy lower lips are the polar opposite of chubby upper lips. Due to the extra volume, the lower lip forms a pout.

Tips for Heavy Lower Lip:

Outline your upper lip or apply gloss or white/nude shadow to the center to complete the look. To make your bottom lip appear less voluminous, blend it with the rest of your face with foundation.

Heart-Shaped Lips

From all the numerous forms of lips, this one stands out. The heart-shaped lips, which have a large cupid bow over the upper lip, have a pronounced cupid bow. A pointed lip bottom is common with this lip shape.

Tips for Heart-Shaped Lips:

To give your heart-shaped lips a larger pout, add a light-colored line or a shadow in the middle.

Plump in the Center Lips

The middle of the upper lip on this form is plumper than on any other type of lips.

Tips for Plump in the Center Lips:

Apply a gloss to the center of your pout to make it stand out even more.

Lips with Distinct Cupid Bow

The most attractive lip shape among all the many types of lips is one with a distinct cupid’s bow. The Cupid’s bow is the top center region of our lips.

We all have it, but some of us have a cupid’s bow that is more distinct, prominent, and protruded than others.

Tips for Distinct Cupid Lip Shape:

If your Cupid’s bow is overly prominent, smudge your lipstick or blend the peaks with a foundation for a more subtle effect.

Undefined Cupid’s bow Lips

The M shape generated in the top lip’s center is less noticeable here. The arch or Cupid’s bow is often undefined on these lips.

Tips for Undefined Cupid’s Bow Lips:

To create a more distinct cupid’s bow, outline the peaks of the top lip. Another fantastic alternative is to use highlighters.