Pastries Calories Chart

Pastries have an enticing allure that captivates our taste senses and warms our hearts with their wonderful layers of flaky dough, sweet fillings, and scrumptious tops. 

Pastries come in a variety of shapes and flavors to suit any palate, whether it’s the buttery richness of a croissant, the gooey sweetness of a cinnamon roll, or the beautiful simplicity of a puff pastry. Do you want to know the calorie count of your favorite pastries? Then, my friend, you are at the right place.


How Many Calories In A Pastry?

Pastries are delicious to snack on. It can satisfy your sweet hunger while also leaving you wanting more. Even when on a diet, you can never say no to pastries unless you do not have a sweet tooth. 

But remember, pastries are rich in calories and have little nutritional value. Have you ever wondered how many calories you consume while feasting on pastries? You can still enjoy it; just pay attention to the nutrients and calories for a balanced diet. The calories in the pastries are listed below. 

This guide is especially for diet-conscious people who keep a check on their calories. However, other can get benefits from this too. The calories in a pastry might differ depending on the portion size, ingredients, toppings, and how we prepare it. 

Remember that these are only estimates. But it is always better to know the ingredients and calorie count, even if you are not calorie-conscious. If you’re concerned about the calorie count of a particular pastry, check the nutrition label or contact the bakery for further information.

Pastry NameCalories (per serving)Serving Size
Croissant272 – 3201 croissant
Danish (Cheese)275 – 3501 pastry
Cinnamon Roll220 – 2801 roll
Apple Turnover250 – 3001 turnover
Éclair260 – 3301 éclair
Cream Puff60 – 801 puff
Fruit Tart200 – 3001 slice
Chocolate Brownie200 – 2501 brownie
Blueberry Muffin300 – 4001 muffin
Donut (Glazed)200 – 2501 donut
Pumpkin Pie320 – 4001 slice
Pecan Pie500 – 6001 slice
Cherry Pie300 – 4001 slice
Baklava250 – 3501 piece
Cannoli220 – 2801 cannoli

Please remember that these are estimates, and the accurate calorie count may vary depending on factors such as size and individual ingredients.

Starbucks Pastries Calories

Starbucks is undoubtedly the dream place to dine in for many people. Walking into a Starbucks cafe often combines the smells of freshly brewed coffee with the enticing allure of a selection of pastries attractively displayed behind the glass counter. 

These tasty creations, which range from buttery croissants to berry-filled muffins, are a popular accompaniment to a morning espresso or an afternoon cappuccino. Join us on this calorie-conscious voyage through the world of pastries, whether you’re a pastry lover trying to indulge carefully or simply curious about the nutritional elements of your favorite baked treats

However, learning the caloric secrets of their favorite Starbucks pastries is critical for those who are calorie-conscious or simply curious about the nutritional features of their beloved Starbucks pastries. 

So, whether you’re a regular Starbucks customer or just passing by, join us as we unravel the calorie riddles behind these delectable delights. The calorie content of Starbucks pastries is as follows:

Starbucks PastryCalories (per serving)Serving Size
Classic Coffee Cake390 calories1 slice
Blueberry Muffin370 calories1 muffin
Chocolate Croissant320 calories1 croissant
Cinnamon Roll360 calories1 roll
Ham & Cheese Croissant320 calories1 croissant
Butter Croissant270 calories1 croissant
Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie380 calories1 brownie
Pumpkin Scone450 calories1 scone
Cranberry Bliss Bar360 calories1 bar
Chocolate Chip Cookie360 calories1 cookie
Almond Croissant380 calories1 croissant
Chocolate Chip Muffin440 calories1 muffin

Now that you have learned the Starbucks Calorie give the approximate calorie counts of some popular picks. 

While these figures are estimates and may vary depending on factors such as size and unique recipes, this guide aims to be a useful resource for anyone looking to make informed decisions when indulging in the Starbucks pastry experience. So You can know what you eat on your next visit to Starbucks.

Are Pastries High In Calories?

Yes, pastries are high in calories. Because it contains a considerable amount of butter, it has refined sugar and flour. 

Also, the carbs and fat content is too high. In this guide, we present a glimpse into the world of pastry calories, shedding light on the approximate calorie counts of some beloved pastries. 

However, the calorie count of different pastries varies from each other due to the size and ingredients (as mentioned above). Here are some of the reasons why pastries are high in calories:

Butter and Fat: Many pastries, such as croissants and puff pastries, contain a lot of butter or other fats. Fat has 9 calories per gram, which is more than double the calories per gram found in carbs and protein.

Sugar: Pastries are frequently sweetened with sugar, which is likewise high in calories. While sugar enhances the sweetness and flavor of pastries, it also adds calories.

Flour: Flour, used in pastry dough, contains carbs with 4 calories per gram. Pastries are often high in flour, which contributes to their high-calorie content.

Toppings and Fillings: Many pastries feature calorie-dense toppings and fillings, such as chocolate chips, frosting, or fruit preserves, that can increase the overall calorie count.

Portion Size: The calorie content of a pastry is heavily influenced by its size. Larger pastries have more calories than smaller ones.

The table below shows the calorie content of pastries:

Pastry NameCalories (per serving)Serving Size
Chocolate Croissant350 – 4501 croissant
Boston Cream Pie400 – 5001 slice
Tiramisu300 – 4001 serving
Cheesecake (New York Style)300 – 4001 slice
Chocolate Mousse Cake350 – 4501 slice
Red Velvet Cake300 – 4001 slice
Black Forest Cake350 – 4501 slice
Sticky Toffee Pudding400 – 5001 serving
Chocolate Lava Cake400 – 5001 serving
Pecan Sticky Bun450 – 5501 bun
Bread Pudding350 – 4501 serving
Chocolate Éclair300 – 4001 éclair
Napoléon (Mille-Feuille)350 – 4501 slice

It’s vital to note that the calorie count of pastries varies greatly depending on the recipe and how they’re made. Some bakeries may provide lower-calorie or healthier variants of pastries made with different ingredients or techniques of preparation.

If you’re concerned about the calorie content of pastries, keep portion sizes in mind and consume them in moderation. You can also inquire about nutritional information at bakeries or cafes to make informed decisions that match your dietary goals.