Pizza Hut Calories Chart

When you’re in desire a wonderful and gratifying piece of cheese pizza, it’s correct to conclude that a stop at Pizza Hut is in store.

Pizza Hut has been in the trade for a lengthy period, so it was only logical to have rivals. It can be tough to determine which pizza to request. The firm gives so many selections that you may be confused.

However, we’ve accomplished the legwork for you and listed the best Pizza Hut opportunities. So, if you’re at a loss as to what to do, take a look at the pizza hut chart calories below:

Pizza Hut Calories Chart

Calories of Pizza Hut Breadsticks

The seasonings dominate the flavor of the breadsticks. The seasoning is mostly Parmesan, oregano, garlic paste, basil, and salt so that you can taste the pizza base in every chew.

Folks all around the Internet conveyed their fondness for the toasty, crunchy breadsticks. At the same time, a little expensive, the breadsticks at Pizza Hut are not to be neglected and have managed to gather plenty of enthusiasts.

Total calories = 150

Chicken Supreme Pizza Calories

Total calories = 180 

Whenever it relates to pizza, there is no doubt that chicken is a leading seasoning. So the coming thing on the menu is the Chicken Supreme Pizza, also recognized as the Chicken-Bacon Parmesan Supreme.

This pizza is adorned with chicken, ham, mushrooms, and golden brown onions to gratify both your chicken and vegetable appetite.

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Calories in Veggie Lover’s Pizza

If you don’t dine meat, the Veggie Lover’s Pizza is best suited. A margarita pizza is the pretty standard go-to veggie choice but can instantly become dull.

The Veggie Lover’s Pizza, on the other side, is overflowing with enthusiasm and pleasure. This pizza is stuffed with veggies, including olives, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes, to improve the taste.

Total calories = 220

Super Supreme Pizza Calories

Calories in one slice = 305

The Super Supreme Pizza nearly hits a top-three spot. This pizza undoubtedly lives up to the hype, even if it isn’t the most supreme in this catalog, with a hefty nine toppings.

This dish contains ham, pepperoni, beef, Italian sausage, pork, and a variety of goods, guaranteeing that there is stuff for all of us.

The Super Supreme Pizza has a delightful taste of food, but we find it somewhat stuffing, so it does not position amongst the top three.

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Mozzarella Stuffed Crust Pizza Calories

Alright, don’t yell since we all know it’s not a pizza but instead a foundation. But we’d thoroughly enjoy gobbling down this pizza crust alone.

Whatever you assume of Pizza Hut, there’s hardly any doubt that their filled crust is the finest, and even luckier, you can garnish it with whichever toppings you would like!

The mozzarella bubbles out from the edges and is so eye-catching that you will be jealous of all your mates once you have this lovely pizza next to you.

Calories in one slice = 310

Calories of Pepperoni Pizza

Calories in one slice = 320

For excellent purposes, pepperoni pizza is a masterpiece. It’s simple and clear. You won’t be disappointed with a pepperoni pizza.

As an additional perk, Pizza Hut’s pepperoni is better quality and mildly crispier than many other stores.

It would be extremely unwise not to entail this meal on the ranking because pepperoni pizza is one of those tastes that has remained well over for a lot longer. The bulk of citizens appreciates Pepperoni Pizza as it is always credible.

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BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Calories

This pizza began as an edition, but it became so commercially successful that it had to introduce it on its standard menu there’s yet another thing you can’t overlook about Pizza Hut because they’re forward-thinking.

This crazy blending of your iconic bacon cheeseburger partnered with Barbecue sauce and a pizza base is a must while you’re hoping for a different one!

Total calories as per pizza hut calorie chart = 340

Calories in Hawaiian Luau Pizza

There is several discussion about whether pineapple is a great pizza flavoring, but it is indisputably widely known at Pizza Hut.

A frequent Hawaiian pizza is delectable, but the Hawaiian Luau at Pizza Hut ends up taking things to a whole new level.

That is largely attributable to the restaurant’s contrast of streaky bacon and additional cheese to this meal to alter the flavor profile and guarantee that you cherish every mouthful.

If you like to get your pineapple to adjust, the Hawaiian Luau pizza is an ideal buy!

Calories in one slice = 380

Calories in Meat Lover’s Pizza

The Meat Lover’s Pizza takes 1st position. There’s no doubt in saying that Pizza Hut’s meat pizzas are the best, and this one is mounted with distinct meat garnishes.

This traditional pizza is finished with marinara sauce, two kinds of cheese, ham, pepperoni, bacon, and hot sausage.

Each chunk is wholesome and flawlessly crusty, and it’s the optimum appetizer for analyzing and making progress.

Total calories = 390

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Calories in BBQ Lover’s Pizza

The BBQ Lover’s Pizza is another fantastic opportunity for pizza lovers who favor BBQ sauce over customary marinara sauce.

BBQ sauce on pizza is an ideal solution, but if you desire to ride against the trend, doing so is the thing for you.

This pizza seems to have a distinct flavor cheer to a traditional pizza base with BBQ sauce, chicken, bacon, and sweetcorn.

Not for everyone, but that is a key component of what defines this pizza so palatable.

Total calories = 465

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza Calories

The term “Hawaiian pizza” has hardly anything to do with the country. In reality, we end up owing the dish to a Canadian pizza baker.

The Hawaiian pizza from Pizza Hut is a masterpiece. The key spices on a Hawaiian pizza are ham, chicken, pineapples, cheese, and pizza seasoning.

Hawaiian pizza had become widely known, and numerous restaurant chains founded their editions of it.

Calories in one slice = 340

Calories in Cheese Pizza

You may not always like to have a simple cheese pizza, but there is hardly anything more reassuring than getting a piece to witness the cheese extension.

The best thing is that you can add toppings of your choice if you like.

Total calories = 290

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The crust of Pizza Hut is the greatest in the world. Take a look at the pizza hut calorie chart and know what’s best for you.

The crust is of higher quality than that of many other shops. Pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut is one of those flavors that has stayed popular for a long time but is now part of the normal menu.

With its streaky bacon and cheese contrast, the Hawaiian Luau pizza takes things to a new level. Pizza Hut’s meat pizzas are unquestionably the greatest.

The BBQ Lover’s Pizza is another fantastic opportunity for pizza lovers who tend to favor BBQ sauce. Key spices on a Hawaiian pizza are ham, chicken, pineapples, etc.