Ring Size Chart

Rings are the most selling jewelry item around the world. It is a favorite article of females of all ages. Perfect ring size is the demand of everyone’s hand. No one likes loose rings, international ring size chart guides were designed for this chart.

Not only females, but males also wear different types of rings. Men wear jewelry including rings of Silver & gemstones. The international ring size for different aged people are as below;

Ring Size Chart

Ring Size 3

According to the international ring size, a six to nine years child can wear a ring of about 14 millimeters. If it is in centimeters it will be 1.4 cm.

This ring size fits the hands of an average healthy child, not a fat one. The ring size varies for the UK, France, and Germany. For France, it is 44 mm, while for Germany it is 14 mm at 6-9 years.

Ring Size 3.5

According to the US ring size chart, the 3.5-sized rings are perfect for a six to nine years old child. The ring size in millimeters is different for many countries.

In France, 45 mm is fit little aged finger children, while in Germany the size is about 14.4 mm. In centimeters, it is 1.44.

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Ring Size 4

The ring size diameter chart guides the perfect size for your child. Ring size guide charts are according to the health of children of a specific country.

The children in the age group, 7-10 years can wear the ring size 4. It is 14.8 mm in size which is about 1.48 cm. In France, this age group child can wear a 46 mm wide ring, while in Germany it is 15mm.

Ring size conversion

International sizeUK sizeFR sizeDE sizeCircumferenceAge
3F441414 mm6 – 9 years
3.5G45 1/414 1/214.4 mm6 – 9 years
4H 1/246 1/21514.8 mm7 – 10 years
4.5I 1/247 3/415 1/415.2 mm8 – 11 years
5J 1/44915 3/415.6 mm9+ years
5.5L50 3/41616 mm9+ years
6M51 1/216 1/216.5 mm10+ years
6.5N52 3/41716.9 mm11+ years
7O5417 1/417.3 mm12+ years
7.5P55 1/417 3/417.7 mm13+ years
8Q54 3/41818.2 mm14+ years
8.5Q 1/25818 1/218.6 mm15+ years
9R 1/259 1/41919 mm16+ years

Ring Size 4.5

The US ring size chart gives good information to choose the perfect size of jewelry for your kids. This ring size is fit for the age group of 8 to 11 years of age. Its diameter is 15.2 mm.

In France and Germany, the ring size is different. It is 47 mm in France, while 15 mm in Germany. It is about 1.52 cm wide in measurement.

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Ring Size 5

The international ring size guide is for the ease of people. This standard size is valid for 9+ year children with a finger diameter of about 15.6 mm.

The size of the ring 5 in cm is 1.56. In France, it is about 49 mm wide for the age group of 9+ years.

Ring Size 5.5

The international ring chart of children of different ages is different. According to their finger’s diameter, it is 1.6 cm wide for those aged 9+ years. The ring size of 5.5 is 16 mm. In France, the ring size used for 9 years olds is 50mm.

Ring Size 6

The US ring size chart is very helpful for choosing the best size ring for your child. For the age group of 10+ years, the diameter of the ring is 16.5mm.

In France, the ring size for a 10-year child is 51.5 mm while for Germany it will be 16.2mm. The ring size in centimeters is 1.65. The ring size diameter chart gives the recommended size.

Ring Size 6.5

A ring size chart is the best option for measuring the perfect size ring for a child. This ring size guide is the easiest measuring guide to understand finger diameter.

The ring size 6.5 is for the 11+ age group. The diameter of this ring is 16.9mm while in centimeters, it will be 1.69. In France, this ring size is fit for an 11-year child having 52mm wide fingers.

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Ring Size 7

The US ring size chart describes the different sizes with the age groups. It also gives a measurement of finger diameters. Ring size 7 in millimeters is 17.3 while in centimeters, its diameter is 1.73 for 12-year children. In France, the US ring size is 54mm for 12 years.

Ring Size 7.5

The ring size diameter chart helps you to choose the perfect ring size for your wards. It is the best way to choose an accurate size from the international ring size chart.

Size 7.5 ring is usable for the age group of 13+ years. It is 17.7 mm wide, while in cm it is 1.77 cm. In France, the ring size of a 13 years child is 55 mm while in Germany it is 17.6 mm.

Ring Size 8

This ring size is fit for teenagers. Its range in Germany is 18 mm, while in France, it is 54 mm according to the child’s finger width.

It is the easiest way to buy hand jewelry for your child in the perfect size. This ring size chart facilitates the buyer to choose the correct option.

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Ring Size 8.5

The ring size 8.5 is also the size for teenagers the aged 15 or 15+. This range in France is 58 mm while in Germany it is 18.6 mm.

We can convert it into centimeters also. In centimeters, it will be 1.86. After using this chart, you can select the perfect size according to finger width.

Ring Size 9

The international ring size 9 fits the hands of 16+ age children. The ring size guide is best for selecting the perfect jewelry size.

This size is different for different countries. In France, it is 59mm while in Germany it is 19 mm. In centimeters, it will be 1.9.

This ring size chart tells about the understanding of finger measurements. This makes buying a ring that fits your child’s finger easy.

The fit and perfect-sized rings make you more decent and classy. The ring is the only jewelry that comes in sizes, and the perfect size ring can be chosen from the guide chart.