Subway Calories Chart

Subway assures you you could eat delicious cuisine and get good for yourself, too. Subway’s crunchy bread, the creamy cheese, and the endless range of options make it an ideal lover’s sandwich station. 

Most individuals go to Subway to minimize their consumption of calories at noon, but do you exactly know how many calories you eat?

Maybe, you don’t! Subway is completely healthy because of its focus on quality and honesty, especially if you are aware of how you order and serving amounts.

subways menu calories chart

We have brought you a detailed explanation of the Subway calories chart, above. Read till the end!

Chicken Tikka Subway Calories

So here comes the very first item, a chicken tikka sub sandwich. Chicken tikka is an all-time flavor and probably no one can resist it.

As you can see, it contains 1151 calories, and all the calories come from grain wheat bread, different veggies, and meat. 

Though the calories may look alarming, the sandwich contains all the healthy items, 19g of protein, 4.7g of fiber, and 40g of carbs.

If you want to make it healthier, you can add up olives and spinach. Moreover, you can choose the Italian white bread option as it contains the lowest calories.

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Subway Chicken Bacon Ranch Calories

This Subway sandwich’s calories are quite terrible for you, just as tasty as it is. Tasty components like cheddar, bacon, chicken breast, and ranch sauce may cost you about 610 calories for a mere 6-inch sub combined.

It should be pointed out, however, that there are various statistics in the Subway nutrition guidelines showing 510 calories, 26 grams of fat, 41 grams of carbohydrates, and 1,100 milligrams of salt.

Even with these variations, with only one sitting you would easily consume much fat and about half of your everyday sodium consumption.

Subway Cold Cut Combo Calories

Undoubtedly, ham, salami, and bologna are in the Cold Cut Combo, but it contains 360 calories. Cold Cut Combo includes over 1000 mg/6-inch sandwiches of salt.

Your doctor may prescribe decreased intakes of sodium if you experience high blood pressure or other medical problems.

6 g saturated fat, 0,5 g trans fat, and 16 full-fat grams packed in a subway cold cut combo before you add cheese or mayo. Instead of a multitude of high-salt meats packed in a sandwich, choose a slice of single meat and fill this good fat with vegetables and avocados.

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Subway Tuna Sandwich Calories

Now comes the 4th item of our Subway calories chart, the Subway tuna sandwich. The Subway tuna sandwich’s flaw is it’s soaked in mayo.

Not only does this make the tuna soft and tear the texture, but it also makes it more calorie-rich and fatty to make the sandwich unhealthy. It also causes problems.

Classic tuna is provided with 410 calories and 25 grams of fat, of which 4.5 grams is saturated, in a six-inch bun without cheese or extra condiments. If only you add cheese it will grow worse.

Subway Black Forest Ham Calories

The flavor is fresh, and the calories are 290 as per Subway nutrition calorie count. I would advise adding a little sweet mustard for getting low in calories and to provide a sweet twist to your salty sub. If you add two pieces of cheese, 40 to 60 calories and 35-45 fat calories are added.

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Meatball Marinara Subway Calories

There are 410 calories and 140 are fat-free. The 6-inch sub has 30 g of protein, which makes this a nutritional great diet. Meatball Marinara Subway includes 25% vitamin C and iron. It includes 25% of the daily requirement of vitamin A and calcium 5150 on the other side. 

We can say that this is the healthiest sandwich at the subway.

Subway Hash Brown Calories

Hash Browns from Subway have 641 calories. Most of the calories are derived from fat (43 percent) and carbs (53 percent ).

Hash browns are not much wrong because they are mostly potatoes, but as a staple, it includes lots of nutrition, they might receive a bad rap from the carbohydrate-free diet.

Vitamin B6 and potassium, copper, vitamin C, iron, calcium, niacin, nutrient fibers, and Pantothenic acid are extremely good sources.

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Subway Veggie Delight Calories

Besides their meaty options, this one is a purely vegan menu item.

The Veggie Delight is their healthiest sandwich. You have no other choice except to fill it with a tonne of vegetables without any meat. This sandwich is a center of attraction at just 200 calories (without cheese).

Subway Chicken Teriyaki Calories

Subway’s Chicken Teriyaki may seem like a smart choice if you are attempting to get away from the salt level of the cold cuts.

In the fat-free sweet onion sauce, the Subway contains teriyaki-glazed chicken. All in all, with some veggies, there are 1370 calories and they are not harmful if you cut sauces and cheese.

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Subway Turkey Breast Calories

A Fresh Fit menu includes the Turkey Breast sandwich. This is a wonderful alternative if you’re searching for a nutritious meal with 260 calories and 18 grams of protein.

It’s a fiber-rich protein-packed sandwich with some mustard spread. 1 slice of Subway’s pepper jack includes 50 calories, 4 grams (g) of fat, and 140 mg of salt. This isn’t awful if you just add 1 slice.

Pizza Sub Melt Calories

As per the Subway nutrition guide, the Pizza Sub melt sandwich contains 370 calories. It has 17g of protein but the sugar content in this sandwich is a bit high which is 5g per serving. And, if you add more sauces it will increase more.

While considering this sandwich natural cheddar instead of processed cheddar to keep it less unhealthy.

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Subway cookies are a dose of saturated fat. It is vital to remember. High saturated fat consumption raises the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Cookies are also a source of salt as a manufactured food.

A single chocolate chip cookie contains 955 calories and that’s something to avoid.

Subway calories uk

NameServing sizeCalories
Chicken Tikka230 g306
Nacho Chicken231 g386
Meatball Marinara308 g492
Mega Meat346 g612
Steak & Cheese242 g353
Tuna Salad293 g182
B.L.T. Salad237 g112
Chicken Teriyaki Salad311 g141
Spicy Italian Salad279 g181
Chocolate Donut60 g270


The restaurant provides a better range of nutritious meals than many others. Subway’s foods usually contain little sugar and have a reasonable fiber and protein source, although many are heavy with fat and salt as well.

The call for you to customize your food is one part of the subway. Use this option for your benefit and keep in mind our Subway calories chart.