Trek Bike Size Chart

Trek is the top-of-class bike brand in the world, whether it be the comfort level, looks, or technological touch. You will find everything a modern-day person wants, and Trek stays at the top of the list of bike rankings.

A trekking bike will always beat any other bike. Whether the bike’s specs, pricing difference or any other aspect that matters while buying a bike, they will always come at the top. 

Not only are these factors the reason behind the bike’s popularity, but Athletes and many celebrities also prefer these bikes. Thus, one can imagine the craze among people and the business market.

This bike is one of the most sold in the recent decade. The trek mountain bike is a bike with jam-packed technology and is the most popular frame size.

  • 17.5”
  • 18.5”
  • 19.5”
  • 20”
  • 24”

The company manufactures these standard numeric sizes, the most sold ones.

They are not any special sizes. However, these numbers conclude that the alpha size of the bike ranges from extra small to double Xl, which further adds to the bike’s popularity.

Trek bike sizeBike size in inchesRider heightRider height in inches
Extra small 13 – 14”5’ –  5’2”59 – 63”
Small15 – 16”5’3” – 5’5”63 – 66“
Medium17 – 18”5’6” – 5’8”67 – 70”
Large19 – 20”6’ & above71 – 73”

Trek Bike Size Chart

Trek Bike Frame Size Chart

Whenever you want to buy a bike, all other factors aside, you care about the sizing of the bike. Most companies’ sizing methods are exact, alpha sizing, but Trek uses numeric sizing techniques, making it easier for the customer to know which bike suits them. What are alpha and numeric sizing? 

Alpha sizing means the alphabetical representation of a bike’s size. This method could be more efficient as if your size lies between small and medium, it will be a headache for you to find the best size as it only shows the alphabetic size of the bike.

Now the numeric sizing needs to show the alphabetic size. It shows the actual size of the cycle in numbers, for example

  • 17.5
  • 18.5
  • 19. 5

And so on, This is the method used by Trek, which is more efficient because the customer can find the best size according to their height hence another reason behind the brand’s popularity. For further information about trek bike sizes, such as

  • Rider height
  • Size in inches

A trek bike size guide is preferable as all these sizes are available in inches, feet, and centimeters. You can find it in the directory.

Rider heightBike size alphabetsBike size (numeric)
5’5”- 5’7”Medium17 – 18 inches
6’ – 6’3”Extra large23 inches & above
5’10” – 6’Large21 – 23 inches

Trek Mountain Bike Size Chart

The best bike till now that Trek has manufactured is its mountain bike. The reason is because of the jam-packed technology that bike has.

This bike is the world leader in mountain bike technology due to the technology and innovations, and they are not limited. With every passing day, the company innovates new technology, making it top-of-the-line.

This technology helps to make the bike function much better, which is coming over obstacles and trials. These bikes are the most technological bikes ever created. Now the most common factor for a bike is the size.

As you already know, the company provides numeric sizes, making it easier for the customer. However, if a person still needs help finding the size, the trek bike size chart might be handy.

The chart helps find the frame size of a trek mountain bike, tire size or any size you want. You will see it from the guide or the trek bike size chart.

Rider heightAlphabetical sizeBike size in inches
5’ –  5’2”Extra small13 – 14 inches
5’3” – 5’5”Small15 – 16 inches
5’6” – 5’8”Medium17 – 18 inches

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Trek Road Bike Size Chart

A road bike is a regular daily life bike. It only requires a few good features, such as technological touch or efficient tires. Most people prefer comfort over safety in the case of road bikes as these bikes have less probability of an accident or any other tragedy that might happen in the case of mountain bikes.

 Although if you talk about a trek road bike, these bikes are a complete package of comfort, safety and many more specs that a person will look for in a road bike.

When it comes to size, it is easier to find their size due to the numeric sizing technique of the company. However, if you look for the frame size of a trek road bike and tire size, the trek bike size chart comes in handy.

Rider heightAlphabetical sizeBike size in inches
5’10”- 6’Large23 and above
5’3”- 5’5”Small13 – 14 inches
5’6” – 5’8”Medium15 – 16 inches

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Trek Hybrid Bike Size Chart

Hybrid bikes are famous for their comfort and versatility and are fun to ride, making them unique. Compared to other kinds of bikes, hybrid bikes come on top in case of comfort, and the

The ride is also fun. The person riding a hybrid bike enjoys the ride more than other bikes. This bike offers more than just comfort. 

It also provides speed; one can travel on this bike with rates ranging from 10- 18 miles per hour which is a good speed for a bike. The bike is sometimes roughly used, but its primary purpose is casual use. 

The trek hybrid bike’s size is easy to find from the trek bike guide or trek bike size chart.

Size in alphabetic Bike size in inchesRider height
Extra Large23 and above6’1” – 6’3”
Large21 – 23 inches5’10” – 6’
Small13 – 14 inches5’5” – 5’7”

What Size Trek Bike Do I Need

If you are looking for a trek bike and need to know the size you want, one might think it is a problem, but in terms of a trek bike, it is easy to find the best bike that suits you the best.

The company uses a numeric technique, which makes it easy to find your size. All you need to know is your height, and if you follow the trek bike guide, you will find the best-size bike for you. 

Trek also provides size conversion according to your height, where they measure your height in centimeters and then convert it into the bike’s size through a numeric technique.

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How To Measure Trek Bike Frame Size

Sizing is an essential factor that a person needs to look at before buying a bike. Now, this sizing has further phases starting from the frame size to the tire’s size.

The company provides trek bike sizes, which is a plus point for the customer, putting the company at the top of the list. The measuring technique is numeric for trek bikes which is much more efficient when compared to the alpha technique. 

If a person needs help understanding the sizes of their cycle, the trek bike size chart comes in handy. The sizing policy of the trek bike is one of the company’s plus points, putting it on the top. 

Bike sizeBike Size in inchesRider heightFrame size
Small13 – 14”5’ – 5’2”50 – 52”
Medium15 – 16”5’5” – 5’7”54 – 56”
Large20 – 21”5’10” – 6’56 – 58”


A trekking bike is a top-of-the-class bike ensuring comfort, a technological touch, and long-term reselling value. These facts put these bikes on top when compared to other kinds.

Their most valuable and essential manufactured product is the trek mountain bike which is top of the class bike in the world.

The company’s sizing also favors customers, whereas other companies avoid these factors, making it a world-class bike company. Hence some people need help understanding their sizes. For such people, the trek bike size chart is a great source to find their best extent.