Zara size chart

Zara is one of the leading retail clothing brands in the world, with over 100 stores operating globally. It designs fashionable products, including clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, perfumes, and beauty products. It was founded in Spain as Zorba in 1975 and has been delivering quality products ever since.

Zara also has online stores so you can shop from the comfort of your home. However, you will need Zara size charts to help you get a perfect size. 

It gets so inconvenient to receive an inappropriate size and then rush to the nearest store to get it exchanged.

Some stores don’t exchange online orders for that you will have to make a request for an exchange and wait for a representative to collect the previous order and exchange it with the new one. Read on to find the size charts for jackets, skirts, shoes, jeans, jackets, and more. 

Zara Dress Size Chart

Zara has a wide range of dresses for men, women, and kids. Women can choose from stylish gowns to classy tops and jumpsuits to style themselves.

The brand also has all the fantastic fashionable clothes for men, including t-shirts, polos, suits, sweaters, tracksuits, and so on. 

If you want to buy from Zara, it’s best to log in to the website and enter your measurements and preference for the size you want. You can choose a tight, perfect, or loose fit for your clothing, and Zara will automatically recommend the perfect size.

The size chart is ideal for people who often need clarification about Zara’s small and other sizes.

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s the best time to go shopping, so look at the Zara shirt size chart for the Zara US size guide for men and women.

Women’s Zara Size Chart

The size chart is suitable for all Zara clothing, including blouses, shirts, sleepwear, jumpsuits, dresses, blazers & jackets.

SizeChestUS / Canada sizeEuropean size
S32.3 inches234

Zara Men’s Size Guide

The size chart is suitable for all Zara clothing, including shirts, sleepwear, dresses, blazers & jackets.

SizeChestUS/Canada sizeEuropean size
XS35.8 – 37.83444

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Finding The Right Zara Size

If you are still determining which size to get, consult our Zara size charts to help you find your size. But there is an interesting TikTok hack that’s making round these days for finding the right Zara size; let’s find out what the buzz is all about. 

All Zara product tags have a circle, triangle, or square beside the product description. A triangle means the design runs smaller than the normal size, so you should buy a size up for a comfortable and true fit. 

A circle on a tag would mean that the product runs bigger, so it’s better to buy a smaller size in this case. If you notice a square on the label, this would mean that the product is true to its size, so you should buy the size you usually do.

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Zara Bottom sizes

Zara has a wide range of lower fits for both men and women, perfect for party wear or just a random hangout with your friends. The women’s range includes skirts, jeans, pants, and shorts. 

Zara prioritizes using high-quality products in the manufacturing of its product so that they are comfortable to wear.

The men’s range of bottoms includes formal pants, shorts, and jeans. When you are looking into buying lowers, check its fit; if it has a fitted style, then you should order a size up so that it’s comfortable to wear.

Similarly, if the lower design is loose, you should order a size smaller than yours to give you a brilliant fit.

There is an inch difference between each size, so calling this way will offer you a comfortable and smart fit. Zara size conversions in the chart below will help you find the perfect size when buying lowers.

Women’s Zara Size Chart

The Zara size guide for Canada suits women’s trousers, shorts, skirts, pants, and jeans. The chart below contains Zara waist sizes and size details of XS to Zara XXL sizes.

WaistMeasurementsUS / CAUK
XS24 – 25″4 – 68 -10
S26 – 27″6 -1010 – 12
M28 – 29″10 – 1212 – 14
L30 – 31″12 -1614 – 16
XL32 – 33″16- 1816 – 18
XXL34 – 35″18 – 2218 – 22

Zara Size Chart For Men

The Zara EU size guide suits men’s trousers, shorts, skirts, pants, and jeans.

MeasurementsUS / CAUK
30.7 – 31.1″2936
31.5 – 31.9″3038
32.3 – 32.7″3140
33.1 – 33.5″3242
33.9 – 34.3″3444
34.6 – 35″3646

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Zara Footwear Sizes

Zara is famous for its shoes; they have ranges for kids, women, and men. Their footwear is known to be trendy, comfortable, and durable. Zara has it all for the women’s range, from floral stilettos and boots to flat sandals.

Zara footwear helps you stand out in the crowd, and the perfect size will enable you to enjoy your life in comfort and style.

Zara Men’s range covers over 100 styles, including sneakers, boots, sandals, running shoes, and more.

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Different colors, textures, and designs make each pair intricately different and unique from the other designs. Choose the design and the size that’s the perfect fit for your feet by looking at our Zara foot size charts below.

Zara heels Size For Women

Foot lengthEU sizeCA/US size
8.7 – 9″36 – 375 1/2
9.2″376 1/2

Zara Footwear Size For Men

Foot lengthEU sizeCA/US size
10 1/2″407
10 3/5″429
11 2/5″4512

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Zara Accessories sizes

Zara has many accessories, including jewelry, cosmetics, gloves, caps, scarves, handkerchiefs, and more. Accessories are essential to the dressing, making the whole outfit stand out. Besides, small details like belts, caps, and earrings can make a casual outfit look trendy.

Check out our belt chart below to find your right belt size. A word of advice if you need more money to spend on outfits, invest in accessories and repeat the companies. 

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You will be surprised how accessories such as scarves, caps, necklaces, and belts can make your dress and your look completely different even with the same outfit. 

Zara Belt Size Guide

Small31 1/2″33 – 34
Medium33 1/2″35 – 36
Large35 2/5″37 – 38

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Your dress and your style depict a lot about your personality.

Style is a way to say who you are without speaking

Rachel Zoe

Our style is a reflection of who we are, and it also plays a vital role in creating an excellent first impression.

This is why it’s essential to dress the way you like making sure you have the right fit for everything you choose to style yourself. Make sure to look at the Zara size charts above before ordering from Zara to save yourself from the hassle of exchange and return.